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When Your Crush Likes Someone Else, Here Are 10 Things You Should Do

When Your Crush Likes Someone Else, Here Are 10 Things You Should Do

When Your Crush Likes Someone Else, Here Are 10 Things You Should Do

1. Let them know what you’re thinking about them

Women in particular find it difficult to tell a guy they’re crushing on that they like him, especially if they have all sorts of fantasies about him.

But it’s understandable to a certain extent because women are afraid of being rejected.

It’s possible that he’ll say no. What if he’s unkind to me instead of polite?

People ask themselves these questions, but you have to face them and tell your crush how you really feel.

It’s important to tell your crush, the guy in your chemistry class, how much he makes your heart skip a beat.

Let them know that you are more than just a friend to them. Hello, life is too short not to take a chance on ourselves.

He or she may initially be interested in someone else, but who knows? After you tell them how you feel, who knows? They may end up liking you and riding off into the sunset with you.

2. Determine what they like about the other person.

You have a huge crush on this guy, but he appears to be completely preoccupied with another woman. Ouch!

I know it’s difficult, but you can win his love. All you have to do is figure out what your crush likes about the other person.

Maybe they like how they dress; maybe they like how she carries herself with dignity; maybe they like how she applies her lipstick perfectly.

Find out what makes your crush like the other person, and then try to improve on it.

If he appreciates her style, attempt to dress similarly or even better than her. If he admires her dignity, you should do the same, and who knows, your crush might realize that you are better than the person they like.

You shouldn’t be too hard on yourself, though. Don’t force yourself to be someone you’re not; instead, try to be yourself as much as possible.

3. Maintain your cool and avoid jealousy If you have a crush on someone, jealousy is natural.

It’s natural to want to punch the other guy or girl your crush likes, but you shouldn’t give in to that desire.

On the contrary, you should maintain your cool. I know you feel desperate at times because you aren’t the one they want, but always maintain your confidence and never show any signs of jealousy.

According to research, most people, both men and women, are drawn to people who are confident. Showing how jealous you are only exposes your insecurities, and that is the part you should let your crush see.

4. Express your emotions

Have you ever heard the expression “a problem shared is a problem half solved”? The same is true if your crush has feelings for someone else.

I mean, we may feel depressed and curse our lives, saying, “Why did I have to crush on someone who likes someone else?”

Being sidelined and constantly thinking about the good times your crush is having with the other person can be too much for most people.

Because of this, you should tell a trusted buddy about your circumstance. This will not make your crush fall in love, but it will assist reduce your anxiety and give comfort in knowing that someone cares.

Maybe your friend is going the same route as you.

5. Be courteous to everyone.

Regardless of whether your crush likes someone else, you should always be nice to them.

You may be tempted to be rude to them; after all, they like someone else and you are unable to have them. This, however, is not always the case.

You can be nice by genuinely complimenting them and expressing how much you value them.

To begin with, who doesn’t enjoy being complimented and appreciated?

It may turn out that the person they like never compliments them, and because you appreciate them and see how handsome or beautiful they are, your crush may come to like you.

Who knows, that could be the start of your journey until death separates us.

6.How much is it worth it to have a crush?

A crush on someone can turn out to be nothing more than a passing fancy.

In college I had a huge crush on a guy in my economics class. He was everything I wanted in a man, and I thought that if I didn’t date him at home, I’d better stay unmarried for the rest of my days in college.

He was a drug addict and had been engaged in several burglaries, I found out weeks later, and he was a thief.

Find out more about your crush and decide if they’re worth it.

Everyone must be careful though, because you don’t want to be that weird lady that chases your guy and follows him to the bathroom, do you?

7. Have fun

Everyone prefers to be around people who make them happy. It makes sense; no one wants to marry someone who constantly frowns.

As a result, try to have fun with your crush.

Tell him/her jokes when you’re with him/her, and if he cracks a joke, don’t just stare at home stale, but laugh out loud.

Without losing yourself, try not to be too rigid; instead, be flexible.

No matter if you’re a good or bad dancer, join him in the dance. As a result, don’t be surprised if your crush gets won over and starts like you as a result.

8. Be available to them.

People value those who stand by them in difficult times. If your crush is having a bad day, be there to console them.

Hey, I understand that they may be sad at times because the person they like has done something to them that they did not like.

The natural reaction would be to yell at him/her, saying, “I told you I liked you, but you still chose her over me.”

Even in this situation, you should strive to console them, and who knows? Maybe they’ll learn that you’re the appropriate person to adore.

9. Always put on a happy face.

You’ve told your crush how you feel about them, you’ve complimented them, and you’ve always been there for them when they’ve been down.

Despite this, he/she still does not like you.

You are frustrated, but you try as hard as you can not to show it; always act happy.

10. Find someone else to help you out.

Assuming all else has failed, now is the moment to realize that there is someone out there who is built just for you.

Someone who would never reciprocate your feelings is not worth your time.

Rather of clinging to feelings that will never be realized, you need to let go and go on. Someday, you’ll meet someone who will love you.

Or maybe you’re a crush on someone else.


However, it can be disheartening if the person you’re crushing on is truly interested in someone else.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a crush on someone else, you’ll either have to win them over or break up with them.

Never try to be envious of someone or start harming yourself, however. You only have one life to live and one chance to fall in love.

Make sure you’re using the right one for both!

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