True life Story, How fall in love and get hurt in my 18yrs to 24yrs

True life Story, How fall in love and get hurt in my 18yrs to 24yrs

True life Story, How fall in love and get hurt in my 18yrs to 24yrs

Love is vital, and it is even more so when someone loves you back. When you fall in love, make sure the other person feels the same way. Many people today make the mistake of falling in love with someone who does not reciprocate their feelings. Always check to see if the person you’re dating loves you as much as you love them.

Never offer your best to someone who does not return the favour.
If you love someone and are willing to make sacrifices for them, make sure that the individual deserves the sacrifice you are making.

I fell in love with someone one day. I was doing everything I could to love and offer everything I had.
She assured me that everything would be fine, that she loved me, and that she would remain with me indefinitely.

As a young guy growing up, I believed in love and was willing to go to any length for it; I believed she loved me and would spend the rest of her life with me, but something happened that I didn’t expect; she began misbehaving and telling me that she could live without me.
Everything was dreadful, my dream, my everything was shattered. I was devastated, heartbroken, and cried.

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She stated that she doesn’t mind if something bad happens to me. She told me she was managing me, and I couldn’t believe it because as a young man growing up, I was hurt, I was in a lot of pain, and I started to detest love and despise relationships.

Remember what I said at the beginning, I believe in love and am willing to go to any length for it, but the person I love doesn’t love me back; all she wanted to do was play me; she promised that she would end up marrying me; we plan our future together; we plan how we will do everything together; I want her; she’s everything; but I don’t know that she never loved me; she was only interested in playing me.

I feel awful; I was thinking that love is unfair, but love is not unfair; the wrong people with whom we fall in love are not love; the wrong people with whom we fall in love with her are not love. It took me years to realise that love does not hurt me; it is the wrong people we love, the people who will care for us, the people for whom we will make significant sacrifices, and who do not love us back, who are the reasons why we are experiencing so much pain and heartbreak in today’s relationships.

Whether you like it or not, love is always a lovely thing. Love always wins; you must believe in love in order to have and taste love. Keep in mind that people will come into your life; some will hurt you, some will treat you well and others will treat you badly; some will take advantage of you; some will do everything humanly possible to make you unhappy; but, at the end of the day, love will always be love.

Learn to love who loves you; in a relationship, the most essential thing is to find someone who loves you in the same way you do.

Let me let you in on a little secret: you have to believe in something to have it; you have to believe in love to taste love; you have to believe that relationships exist if you truly want to taste love, if you truly want true love, if you truly want to end up with someone who will love you forever. You must believe in the existence of truth.

I understand that loving the wrong people will cause us sorrow and suffering. Forget about the hurt, forget about the past, let your ex be your ex, forget about what happened, and forget about the love you’ve had.

Regardless of your romantic history, you must believe in love.
When a relationship comes to an end, learn from the experience and let go of the relationship and the past, move on with your life.

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