The 8 Most Important Things To Consider Before Getting Married

The 8 Most Important Things To Consider Before Getting Married

The 8 Most Important Things To Consider Before Getting Married

1. Interaction

Communication is the magical link that keeps two partners connected and in sync. Siki agrees that communication is the most important priority in marriage, and she believes that a couple cannot hope to build a future together unless they have healthy communication.

Skill also considers the ability to communicate with one another to be the essence of a healthy relationship, especially when both partners don’t see eye-to-eye. Any successful marriage, she believes, is built on three Cs: communication, commitment, and compassion.

Skill believes that communication is essential for achieving consensus and a shared vision for life.

2. Loyalty in a relationship

Loyalty is a non-negotiable component of a happy marriage.

When you promise to love and cherish each other for the rest of your lives, you also promise not to succumb to temptation. That is why many of our readers agree that loyalty is a non-negotiable component of a happy marriage. At least, not in the case of monogamous marriages.

Siki considers loyalty, along with communication, to be the most important aspect of a marriage. Loyalty, along with understanding and love, is what Josh believes is required to keep a marriage afloat.

Jamuna Rangachari, on the other hand, believes that “we need to keep working on retaining love in our relationship.” When there is love, traits like loyalty, integrity, and sharing automatically join in.” Raul Sodat Najwa emphasizes the importance of loyalty in marriage, along with communication and integrity.

3. Belief

Trust and loyalty are two sides of the same coin. One cannot exist in the absence of the other. Only loyal partners can establish trust in their relationships, and where partners trust one another, loyalty follows. Our readers share our sentiments.

When asked to share their top marriage priorities, most people named trust as a critical piece of the puzzle without which a marriage cannot be sustained in the long run. Samuel, for example, believes that trust and sharing a vibe with your partner are the most important factors in the success of a marriage. Josh considers trust to be essential in a long-term relationship or marriage.

4. Responsibilities are shared

Taking turns with duties

A good marriage’s slogan isn’t restricted to the emotional aspects of a relationship. When you’re married for the long term, certain things immediately rise to the top of your priority list. Sharing household/domestic tasks is one such requirement that should not be overlooked by our readers.

Apart from communication and loyalty, Siki and Josh Patel believe that sharing tasks such as household chores, economics, parenting, and elder care should be among the top concerns for any married couple. Samue agrees, emphasizing that when partners take on the job of parents, sharing responsibilities becomes even more important.

5. Mutual admiration

The value of mutual respect in a relationship cannot be overstated. Without respect, it is difficult to cultivate a long-lasting love that can withstand the test of time. This respect allows spouses to never cross the line, which can allow resentment, hurt, and anger to seep into the relationship.

Mutual respect is one of the top priorities in marriage for Sammy Siki and Josh, according to Bonobology readers. Dr. Izundu offers an intriguing perspective on the list of marriage priorities. He considers financial success, life discipline, and mutual respect to be more important than anything else.

6. friendship

Marriages formed from genuine friendship are the most holistic. After all, you’ve found a life partner in your friend, as well as a friend who has always had your back and will continue to do so. That is why Josh considers friendship to be one of the most undervalued but essential aspects of marriage.

According to Mekus, the most important things in life are friendship, love, and laughter. Siki agrees with Mekus, stating that, in addition to friendship, trust and a lot of patience are required to make a marriage a happy, healthy life-long journey.

7. Dispute Resolution

Every relationship, no matter how strong and happy, has its ups and downs, fights, arguments, disagreements, and differences of opinion. It is critical to arm yourself with effective conflict resolution strategies in order to navigate such turbulent waters.

Olisa brilliantly notes the importance of dealing with conflict in a relationship. “It is an absolute necessity if you want to grow old with your life mate, knowing that you have found Home in each other’s warm embrace,” he believes.

8. Cooperation

Marriage is about two people working together, with no room for competition or imposing one’s will on the other. After all, you’re now on the same team for the rest of your lives, which is why Sammy believes that teamwork is just as important as love, care, and respect in order to keep a relationship afloat.

According to Siki, the ingredients for a long-term happy marriage are “understanding, collaboration, and well complementing each other.”

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