Actress Controversy in China

Actress Controversy in China.

A tidal wave of actress controversy has gripped China. The actress is no longer part of the country’s official tourism board, a decision Beijing has refused to clarify. The cancellation of the star’s passport comes amid a wider crackdown by the Community Party on the entertainment industry. The communist party has called the fan culture of celebrities “chaotic” and has warned that luxury must tread carefully in 2022.

In July, Canadian pop star Kris Wu was embroiled in a scandal.

Her alleged girlfriend Du Meizhu accused Wu of infidelity and sexually exploiting underage girls. The actress has denied the allegations, but her alleged victims are still in the spotlight. Hundreds of millions of Chinese citizens have called on the star to quit his lucrative career in entertainment and face the consequences. He could face imprisonment of up to 10 years, deportation, and more.

On Feb. 10, Chinese actress Gina Carano was fired.

From her Disney role after she posted a rant about Republicans in a blog. She compared Republicans to Jews in Nazi Germany during World War II. The post caused a Twitter storm, with the hashtag #FireGinaCarano trending on social media. LucasFilm later said the posts were “abhorrent.” Despite her firing, Carano’s comments have triggered backlash.

In July, Canadian pop star Kris Wu became embroiled in a scandal involving.

His alleged girlfriend, Du Meizhu. Earlier this month, Du Meizhu accused Wu of infidelity and sexually exploiting underage girls. A series of young female victims have come forward with similar stories. Afterwards, Chinese public opinion demanded that the star quit his entertainment career and face legal punishment.

 On August 4.

American actress Felicity Huffman was embroiled in a scandal involving her daughters. Her alleged girlfriend, Du Meizhu, accused her of being in bed with underage girls. Many Chinese citizens were shocked and suggested that Wu quit entertainment and face legal sanctions. Besides a deportation notice, she could receive a prison term or be expelled. This scandal is certainly embarrassing for the actress and her family.

In August, another actress was embroiled in a scandal.

Her alleged girlfriend, Du Meizhu, was accused of infidelity and sexually exploiting underage girls. In August, she apologized and was expelled from the NCT.

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Almost every Chinese citizen criticized her alleged boyfriend. While her alleged girlfriend was reluctant to accept the accusations, she apologized. This scandal prompted major brands to take action. Gucci’s Qixi campaign was quietly scrubbed of her image.

The actress’s alleged misconduct has been the focus of the media.

And the actress’s name has been banned from some online platforms. Her lawyers have appealed the decision and the Chinese government is reviewing the case. However, Zhao isn’t the only actress facing scandal in recent years. In late March, the actress was officially let go from her TV show. While she defended her alleged indiscretion, the scandal has left her with no choice but to defend herself and her family.

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