Things you need to know about love and marriage for happy relationship

Things you need to know about love and marriage for happy relationship

Things you need to know about love and marriage for happy relationship

Marriage is one of those situations and circumstances where you have to put your whole heart and soul into it to make it work. Someone asked me how I define marriage; to me, marriage is expect unexpected. Why did I say unexpected? Because many people marry for a variety of reasons; many people marry because they feel they’ve reached the age of settling down, not because they want to be in love or have a beautiful marriage.

Many people are not ready for marriage; some married because they were lonely, others because they wanted someone to support or care for them, and still others married for financial reasons.

If you look at certain modern marriages, you’ll notice that many people are unhappy because they found something throughout the courting process and chose to ignore it. Many people who are dating notice some flaw but prefer to stay despite the fact that they are unable to cope with it.

Some people feel that their spouse will change after they marry them; they know that the person they love has a nasty attitude that they can’t deal with, but they believe that they can change them, despite the fact that you can’t change someone unless that person wants to change.

Listen, I love you is not enough to make a marriage work; marriage requires a lot of hard work, which includes giving your all, contributing significantly, supporting and caring for your partner, and doing the right things at the right time. Relationships are no longer 50/50; they are 100/100; you must give your all. Marriage is different from dating, so if you hold back on doing the right things, it may backfire.

If you want your marriage to work, respect your partner, be honest with your partner, care for the person who loves you, and always make significant sacrifices for the relationship; no one else can make your marriage work; only you and your partner can make it work. Always remember that only the two of you can make your marriage work.

In a marriage, love making is very important; don’t have sex, make love; if you need to improve, try as hard as you can can to do so; in this life, there is always room for improvement; sex is like meals; it is like what happens every day in our lives; try as hard as you can to be good in it.

Learn to say thank you, appreciate your partner, appreciate everything you’re doing for you whether big or small, care for your partner who is caring for you, support your partner who is supporting you, and learn to understand your partner who is supporting you.

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Another key aspect of a relationship is to strive to understand your partner’s love language as much as possible.
Everyone has a particular love language in terms of how they perceive love, how they feel about it, and how they want someone to love them.
Understanding your partner’s love language will aid the two of you in creating a beautiful connection that everyone will admire – many others will aspire to have a relationship like yours.

If you don’t understand your partner’s love language, I recommend that you delve into the relationship as thoroughly as possible today to learn their love language. If you’re not sure how to find out, ask your spouse to tell you about their favourite things and what makes them happy.

In a marriage, forgiveness is really crucial; if you want your relationship to succeed, you must learn to forgive and forget. I always tell couples to try as hard as they can to apologise and sort things out within 24 hours; if you can do that, your relationship will endure a long time.

When you’re starting a relationship, try to figure out if they want what you want; a relationship with someone who doesn’t desire what you want isn’t going to continue long. It’s critical that you and your partner are on the same page; I always advise single young people to avoid anyone who doesn’t want commitment; you need someone who needs you, who wants you the way you want him; when someone doesn’t want what you want, when someone doesn’t want to commit and you want to commit, things will become complicated.

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