8 Smart Ways To Ask A Girl For Her Number (Without Sounding Nervous

8 Smart Ways To Ask A Girl For Her Number (Without Sounding Nervous

8 Smart Ways To Ask A Girl For Her Number (Without Sounding Nervous

1. Don’t try to use obligation

Couple on a date
Be cool about her decision of giving number or not
All of us know at least one person like this. This is the ‘good guy’. This is the guy who, after a breakup, lists the number of things that he had done for his partner, cries about how ‘ungrateful’ she had been. To him, love is a bunch of business transactions! This is also the guy who will do the woman a number of favours before asking her for her number. And in case of failure, this specimen scurries along to his friends with more tales of ungrateful women! If you’re going to be a gentleman about it, never use obligation as a means to get her number.

2. Don’t go for her friends

If a woman had a rupee for every time some guy resorted to this method, she’d be a millionaire. From teenagers in tuition classes to adults in the workplace, getting a woman’s number from people who already have it is the most popular way to go about it. It’s also downright creepy, so don’t be surprised if she seen zones or blocks you. If you’re looking for her number, it might be tempting to get it from that male friend who already has it, but trust us: it will pass! Moreover, would you want the easy way to blow the chance of being with her that you might have had otherwise?

3. About WhatsApp groups

Man checking phone
Try to start a conversation not just saying hey
Whether your daily routine takes you to classrooms or to offices, chances are that you’re a member of a WhatsApp group. And what if the woman you’re dying to talk to is part of the same group? It might be tempting, but don’t act on it just yet! Ask yourself if you know this woman, and if you do, do you know her well enough to approach her? Considering the fact that she gets countless messages every day from creepy men all around the country, you wouldn’t want your ‘Hey’s and ‘Hi’s to add to the problem! While there is no strict set of rules regarding this, ask permission before you talk to her, and always, always be polite!

4. Don’t be clingy

Take it from us. If she wants to give you her phone number, she will!

If she wants to give you her phone number, she will!

When asking for her number, slip your question in very casually between sentences. If she’s promised you her number but hasn’t sent it yet, give it time before you turn up your sad music! Reminding her every day is only going to make it worse, and, for all you know, kill whatever chances you might have had of getting it! The best way to ask a girl for a her number is to refrain from being clingy.

5. Be straightforward

Couple on a date
Be straightforward in asking girl number
You might be thinking to yourself that this is the most obvious and intimidating way to go about it. But instead of coming up with an excuse to get her to give you her number, why not be honest? In this world of nameless and faceless Facebook profiles badgering women for their numbers, being straightforward has become a thing of the past. Instead, walk over to her, tell her how you feel, and be your most polite self when asking her if she’d mind giving you her number. Making the effort to have a conversation in person and not on some chatbox lets you stand out from the crowd. However, if she doesn’t know you, chances are that she’ll feel uncomfortable, and we couldn’t blame her. Note that interesting conversations and a foundation of trust can tip the scales in your favour!

6. Let your reputation speak for you

You have built a clean reputation over time. Use it now. If you really like her then the smartest way to ask for her number is to tell her to run a check on you before she hands you her number. This will give her the confidence that you are not a creep or a stalker.

Tell her there is no hurry she can give her number anytime she wants provided she is sure she is giving it to the right person. This could be an absolute winner.

7. Hand her your number

The best way to ask a girl for her number is to hand her yours. Tell her you don’t go round asking a girl for her number but if she is ever convinced that a conversation over the phone is possible with you then she could call you or send a message. This way you leave the ball in her court and she doesn’t feel that you are hassling her for her number. This way you avoid being the creep and the clingy guy most girls dread.

8. Don’t go round asking every girl for her number

This is the most important tip. Because we have told you the smart ways to ask a girl for her number it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will use the ways to get numbers from every girl you come across. Be selective. Only ask a girl for her number if you really feel a friendship or a relationship is possible with her. Don’t view her as a conquest because eventually she would understand that.

The possibility of rejection is what keeps most people from asking a woman for her number. And while there’s no fail-proof way to go about it, follow these tips, and you won’t be deemed a creep!

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