6 Indications That Your Man Is Losing Interest in You

6 Indications That Your Man Is Losing Interest in You

6 Indications That Your Man Is Losing Interest in You

1. The romance is fading

Your morning kisses or texts have stopped coming. If you initiate it, they put forth the bare minimum of effort to keep you on the hook. Your man has become icy and has made no effort on his own. His hands are always frigid, and he doesn’t hold your gaze for more than a few seconds.

He doesn’t even have any romantic things to say to you anymore. Your conversations are frequently dull and uninteresting. He used to bring you your favorite lilies every Sunday, but the vase is now devoid of flowers. One of the symptoms that a man is losing interest is a decline in romance and a lack of effort.

2. Constantly preoccupied

While it used to be all about being with you, now he makes lame excuses like he has a late meeting, he’s going to have dinner with his parents, he has to get up early for an early meeting, it’s raining outside and he doesn’t have a raincoat (which is still legit).

How can you tell if he’s losing interest? He used to run miles to take you out, but now he just makes reasons to avoid seeing you. When someone makes a long explanation for why they can’t do something, it’s because they really don’t want to.

3. There is no sex or there is only sex

Do you have trouble figuring out what a guy wants from you? Let’s have a look at it in more detail. A man who genuinely cares about you won’t just want you to keep him warm at night. If a man refuses to engage in sexual activity, it’s time to realize there’s something else he’s not interested in. If a man is only interested in you when he is horny, drunk-horny, or in the mood for sex, he is only searching for sex from you.

Anything else simply does not pique his interest. You might wonder why I didn’t say it out loud to you. Do you think he’s that stupid to give up his right to have sex whenever he wants? This is one of the most common indicators that a man is losing interest.

4. There’s an air of awkwardness in the room.

You used to spend hours talking or chatting with your partner. You now have to come up with topics to have a real conversation with him, mostly because he just sits there and answers your questions without bothering to learn about your day.

Even when you’re out in public, you can sense a sense of tension and awkwardness in the air. He’s still unresponsive to your witty banter, which he used to find endearing. You’re the only one who laughs at your jokes now, and there’s a definite lack of respect as well.

5. There will be no discussion of the future.

His refusal to commit to anything more than a month in advance is one of the most telling signs that he is losing interest in you. The relationship’s ‘we’ has dwindled to a more solo ‘I.’ It makes you wonder if he still wants you in his life.

6. Priorities shift

When I say his priorities have shifted, it means you no longer feel like you are a priority. He would rather spend time with his colleagues and friends than with you. Worse, he refuses to even host a dinner party where you can meet his friends.

You’ve moved a long way away from his inner circle the moment he prioritizes his friends over you. When a man’s interest in you is stable, he will introduce you to his friends. If he isn’t, it’s one of the signs he’s losing interest in you.

If you notice these signs in your man, you should be aware that things are not going well. So step up your game and make him miss you and recommit to you. Or it’s time to flee to the hills in search of a better partner; this one may not be worth the effort.

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