WWE News: Mickie James comments on cutting talent last year

Mickie James shared his thoughts WWE producing more talent over the last few years. He himself was part of several releases last year.

Although WWE also recruited a number of talents, such as Samoa Joe and Drake Maverick, they ended up releasing some of them again. Wrestling juggernaut was severely criticized by fans and professionals for not using the athletes properly and then abandoning them.

In a recent interview with Ariel Helwani, Mickie James was asked to comment on the release. Referring to it as “scratching on the head,” he spoke of how the plague affected many things.

“It’s just a headache, but it ‘s too – it’ s got a lot of jobs that I think of for years, so the company grew when it went off the road because it was like a whole NXT component. all of that and, I don’t know, it’s just all … it sucks. It sucks to my friends.

Fun to talk to him @MickieJames about how the Royal Rumble deal took place when the @IMPACTWRESTLING. For MMA fans, and yes I know they are not apples to apples, it would be the same, say, Mousasi, fight @ UFC 273 when w / Bellator. youtube.be/D3vCRnVHsZE https://t.co/gid9eRuVX8

Mickie James if he thinks he’s back in the WWE

After his release last year, Mickie James called the company on television to return his goods to a garbage bag. James agreed Vince McMahon he phoned her to apologize for what had happened.

Although at first he felt he would never return to the WWE, James did not think he had ended up with the company forever.

“No, I didn’t think ‘I feel like, I always thought like, I think the first time I came across when,’ Oh, this is not going to happen. ‘ Like, ‘I’m not coming back.’ Like, I don’t. And then it happened. So now I’m like, you can never say that. It always ends – everything is possible. You just don’t know. I do not know. It’s not like I’m fighting forever, though, you know? Not if I’m planning on retirement or something like that, “James said.

Mickie James is currently due to compete in the 30-Women Royal Rumble. He can make history if he participates in the IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Championship.

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