[Working] How to Hide Your Ordering History on Amazon, Flipkart

If you are sharing your online trading accounts with your friends then you want to keep some of your orders secret or keep them a secret to ensure privacy or avoid embarrassment. Since there is no real way to hide your import history on a page like Flipkart. Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for Flipkart on Amazon. You can also learn save yourself from buying fake stuff online.

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Hide the Order History on Amazon, Flipkart in 2022

Hide Amazon Import Orders Using Saved Orders

  • Open Amazon and sign in using your account.
  • Move the mouse pointer to Accounts and Lists.

  • Find the exact order you want to hide in your order list and click on See Order Details ulalo.

  • Click on Save the Archive button system reservation. This hides the actual system and moves it to another location. Booked orders do not appear in your order list. You can reserve a limit 500 orders on Amazon.

  • That’s right. You have carefully hidden your order from the large list of orders. You can, however, check the ‘hidden’ system by going to your Amazon account store.
  • To view your saved orders, you need to open your order section and click down the time filter to select. Old archives. You can also cancel your order if you keep it by accident.

Hide Calling History on Flipkart by contacting Support

You can hide your request temporarily by contacting Flipkart Support and giving them a valid reason for doing so. Follow this to do the same.

  • Open Flipkart in your browser or your phone and log in with your account.

  • Move your mouse on your account name and click Rules.

  • Find and open the system you want to hide and click I need help down.

  • You will be referred to a bot support page where you should report this issue. On this site, try contacting Flipkart customer service by calling.

  • If you have successfully communicated with Flipkart customer service manager over the phone, explain your problem and ask them to do so. hide for a while products from the Orders section.
  • Although we cannot guarantee 100% for this to work but most of the time, what you request is hidden for a while.
  • That’s right. You have successfully hidden your order on Flipkart.

Bonus: Bring Return False Sales on Amazon, Flipkart

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To finish

We hope you learn how to hide your order history on Amazon or Flipkart by following the steps outlined above. If you find this article helpful in solving your problem, click the Like button and share it with your friends to help them do the same. Be vigilant to find other ways to work.

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