Wolf Trailer Like Me Confirms Isla Fisher And Werewolf

Maya is naked, bloody and her red hair is slung over her shoulders, standing in a frenzy.

Picture: Julia Pollak / NBCUniversal

I’m sure you’ve been on pins and needles since January 4, when streaming service Peacock released the first trailer on its upcoming list Wolves Like Me, stars Josh Gadi and Isla Fisher. In it, we saw secret clues that led us to believe that Fisher Mary’s character might be a werewolf-and not too hard on the back, but this show caravan has proven us right.

After a thorough search, perhaps two full seconds, we were able to reconcile the facts and realize that Fisher’s appearance was probably a fox. In fact, these “hidden” signs include:

• Maya runs away from the evening with Gary (Gad) and explains zero

• Maya has some kind of secret that “never was told by anyone” and runs again at sunset.

• Maya’s husband dies miraculously

• An elderly woman saying, “We all have wolves in us”

• Maya locks herself in a metal room with fear as Gary stares nervously

• The show has a title Wolves Like Me

I think Peacock decided to stop playing, as Maya confirmed she had a problem with this new trailer:

Now, the next question is, do they just turn into wolves, or do they also have a mixed form of werewolf? (And before anyone could explain it to me clearly, “werewolf” is a proper term for a person who turns into a wolf, a hybrid, or both. Interestingly, the anthropomorphic form is modern design, first appearing in the 1935 film Werewolf of London, apparently. )

If you want to know more about the Maya persecution, section six a Wolves Like Me are here to watch on Peacock.

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