What Netflix’s Fun Stars Are Right Now

Forget Coach Taylor! It all boils down to Coach Monica, a 14-year-old international champion whose loving performances earned her the respect of her loyal fans, as well as spectators everywhere she led the team to a major victory in Daytona.

Apparently, Monica stayed in Navarro, ready to lead the 2020 team to its 15th edition, but her plans were thwarted by a coronavirus epidemic, which led to the Nationals being eliminated less than a month earlier.

“My heart is broken by the memories lost and the time lost by my beautiful team,” she wrote on Instagram in March 2020. “I was not ready to say goodbye in such a hurry. Pack up and leave town.

At the start of the 2020-2121 season, Monica was working two jobs when she joined the players. Dancing With The Stars Season 29, I put it on 10 with a friend Val Chmerkovsky. And on Jan. 4, 2022, published his first book, Complete: Life Orientation and Leadership from America’s Favorite Coach.

In September 2019, Monica, who is married with two children (Austin, a football player at Southern Methodist University, and Ally, celebrated at Southern Methodist University), was inducted into the Navarro College Athletic Hall of Fame.

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