What Do Emma Hernan and Christine Quinn Vendor Sunset Do?

Emma Hernan is not actually for sale at the consortium right now.

The Selling Sunset star buttocks heads and cast member Christine Quinn in his first season on music Netflix list, as well as during an exclusive interview with E! News’ Daily Pop on Jan. 10, Emma admitted she was coming “hot.”

“I came as a rocket,” he laughed Selling Sunset first appearance in the fifth category. “I enjoy it. It’s been really fun.”

Yet Emma and Christine’s old quarrel over a adagawana ex almost led Emma to reject the show.

“That was my suspicion, of course, of joining,” admitted Emma. “I did not want to fight it because I had been fighting it for a long time, for many years, with evil forces.”

Emma added, “But in the same atmosphere, it was an opportunity for me to go out and showcase everything I’ve done for myself as a business woman. I’ve been working hard all my life.”

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