Waymo has its first independent client

Last June, Alphabet Self-Employment Team worked with JB Hunt, a trucking and logistics company, to test its Waymo Via technology in Texas. On Friday, the pair announced they were planning strategic partnership with the hope of establishing a state-of-the-art self-driving business in the state sometime in the next few years. Recently, Waymo and JB Hunt say they want to have several pilots about Waymo Via. It is part of the Waymo Driver-powered version where the Alphabet team is designed for 8-wheel drive vehicles. They are also planning to complete additional market training.

The increase in cooperation follows a as Waymo and JB Hunt said they moved 862,179 lbs of cargo without their vehicles trying to run or end any accident. What he said at the time was that Waymo Driver was ready to ship goods on time and safely. Waymo is one of the few companies working on the technology of independent trucks. A few months before the company completed its June contract with JB Hunt, Aurora, founders acquired Uber’s. , announced that it was work with Volvo to build self-propelled vehicles that can carry goods to North America.

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