Voting rights groups are raising concerns about Biden’s Ga rhetoric. it comes too late

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Joe Biden recently cited the right to vote in the US as a matter of urgency, and is on his way to Georgia with a vice president to help strengthen the cause. But some human rights activists, unaffected by the word, do not want to hear it.

Biden on Tuesday will pay tribute to the previous human rights wars – visits Ebenezer Baptist Church, where the late Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. once he grabbed it from the altar, and placed the wreath on the crypt of the King and his wife, Coretta Scott King. His speech is not expected to have an announcement of new practices. Instead, activists say they have used the president’s megaphone to talk about voting rights and concerns about American democracy.

“The president will strongly advocate for the protection of the American people, the right to vote and to vote for free and fair elections and not to be marred by fraud,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said on Monday.

It is not enough for some voting rights activists, who boycott the polls and instead spend the day working. Democratic presidential candidate Stacey Abrams also skipped the ceremony; the agents said they had an argument but did not elaborate.

“We have failed to speak. In the meantime, what we want, what we want, is state law, “said LaTosha Brown of Black Votes Matter. And it will not happen soon, he said.

Human rights groups say they would like Biden to stay in Washington to work on the violation of Congress voting laws. So far Democrats have not been able to agree among themselves on possible changes to the Senate filibuster legislation to allow for action on the right to vote, even for several months of special talks.

Biden himself has just walked away from the controversy – with a former senator who adheres to existing laws and is being pressured to do better.

Voting rights activists in Georgia and across the country are deeply concerned about what will happen in 2022 and beyond, following the enactment of Republican-sponsored laws that make it difficult to vote because of the loss of Donald Trump in 2020 and insist on changing results, although there is no evidence. common hypocrisy.

Georgia Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock, visiting Biden, who has made history as Georgia’s first black senator, also said before “anything that will happen will continue to shine brightly. The urgency of the situation.”

Warnock planned to travel with Biden to Georgia on Tuesday. He said he believed Biden understood that “democracy alone is in jeopardy because of the violence we have been subjected to by parliamentarians across the country, and now is the time for morality. Everyone should be visible.”

And Psaki rejected the idea that Biden was not a strong enough representative.

“I think we can disagree with the idea that the president did nothing or speak. He would have signed it himself into law. ”

But laws have already been enacted in at least 19 states that make voting difficult. Voting groups see the changes as a cover-up such as counting tests and taxes used to ban black voters, which is now a major component of democracy.

And Republicans who have been following falsehoods in Trump’s election campaign have strongly encouraged efforts to change the electoral process by appointing compassionate leaders at regional elections and supporting other role played by the January 6 violence at the US Capitol annually. ago.

Georgia is at the center of it all, One of the most important countries in the 2020 elections. As the vote was recounted, Trump told the general election official that he wanted the official to “get” enough votes to end his loss. Government votes went to Biden and all their Senate seats went back to Democrats.

Then, last year, the Republican governor signed a major re-drafting of electoral laws that, among other things, gave the State Elections a new mandate to intervene in elections and remove them from office. This has raised concerns that a Republican-led republic could have a far-reaching influence on the electoral process, including the confirmation of regional results.

Georgia voters have said they have worked hard to give Democrats control of the Senate and the White House, and it is time for Washington to step up.

Congratulations Democrats, for their part, has drafted a voting law that could lead to a major overhaul of US elections in the next generation by eliminating voting barriers that will be erected in the name of electoral security, reducing political influence and reducing the involvement of people affected by Congress. .

This package sets out national elections that would violate the GOP laws of the state. It will also restore the Department of Justice’s expertise to police electoral law in countries with a history of discrimination.

But in order to pass a law, which Republicans have completely rejected, Democrats say they need to change Senate rules to allow a minority of 41 senators to pass a bill.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, DN.Y., set the date for Martin Luther King Jr. January 17 as the deadline for issuing voting rules or amending those rules. The Senate is due to have several votes this week to confirm Republican opposition.

Schumer wrote to his colleagues: “Voting is as old as the Republic.” “In the coming weeks, Parliament will reconsider how we can better tackle this alliance and address the past challenges of our democracy.”


Amy said from Atlanta. AP Congression reporter Lisa Mascaro supported the story.

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