US residents can order a free trial, at COVID-19 homes from January 19

One year, 10 months and eight days since the World Health Organization announced COVID-19 DISEASES plague, Americans can call for free, home testing from the government. From January 19, you can visit and request a test, which will be sent to your home.

For now, the site has a landing page in English and Spanish. It also states that shipping costs will also be paid.

The Biden government is buying one billion homes, a quick test to give the U.S. people free of charge. The hope is to make sure everyone has a manual test when they want it. White House said 500 million of these tests will be available on January 19. Initially, you will be able to order four at your residential address.

The phone is being configured so that people who are unable to access the website can call. The government says it is working with international and local organizations to help vulnerable and vulnerable people get tested.

One thing to note: The test is usually sent within 7-12 days after ordering. That time will not be very helpful for people who are showing symptoms of COVID-19 or who are close to those who have a problem and do not have it. test at home helpful.

However, it is important to keep these free tests, especially depending on how they are intended. Even Twitter accounts that are known to help people protect new games providing stock information COVID-19 tests today.

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