UN UN initiates talks aimed at resolving Sudanese political crisis

SHARM EL-SHEIKH, Egypt (AP) – The United Nations has begun talks Monday with Sudanese groups to find a solution to the political crisis that has plagued the country since a military coup in October, a UN envoy said.

Oct. 25 shattered hopes for a peaceful transition to a democratically run democratic government in two years after a series of violent clashes forced the military to overthrow long-serving ruler Omar al-Bashir and his Islamic state.

A terrorist attack sparked a series of street protests and more than 60 people were killed as security forces protested.

Volker Perthes, the UN envoy to Sudan, told a press conference in Khartoum that the talks would seek to build trust between the military and the pro-democracy movement before direct talks.

“I believe that these talks can serve as a way to boost confidence and help reduce violence,” he said.

Violence in Sudan has escalated resignation of Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok last week following a disagreement between the military and the pro-democracy movement.

Perthes said talks that began Monday could lead to a “partnership” that could help find a solution to the problem.

The UN mission met with the crowd on Monday and will continue to engage with other players in the coming days, he said.

“We want to move quickly,” Perthes said. “There is a lot of pressure on what is happening in Sudan and in us.”

He said some protest groups had rejected the UN demand for talks and put the removal of the military as a way to negotiate.

Perthes was talking mainly about Sudanese Professionals Association, which led to al-Bashir’s uprising. The SPA announced on Sunday that it was rejecting the talks, saying the only way to resolve the issue was to remove government officials from office.

“We are not providing consultation. We are providing applications. Negotiations, direct or indirect, may come in the second phase,” Perthes said.

In his remarks, the Sovereign Council welcomed the UN’s approach to facilitating dialogue between Sudanese players and called on the African Union to “support and support” the project.

The 16-year-old protester died on Monday from injuries sustained during a protest rally in Bahri Khartoum yesterday, said Nazim Sirag.

More than 90 people were injured in protests against the coup on Sunday, according to the Sudanese Medical Committee.

A police report states that 22 police officers were also injured and four vehicles were damaged. At least 86 people were arrested during the protests, he said.

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