Uber is no longer helping to upgrade the ride through the Apple Watch

Did you know that you can appreciate Uber using your Apple Watch? No? Well it doesn’t matter anyway, because Uber Watch app is well resolved, according to Apple Insider. When you try to use it, a message comes out asking you to change the mobile app instead. It also says that “we are no longer [sic] supporting the Apple Watch app. Sorry for the inconvenience, “and a moaning emoji to guide the point.

The app should still be removed from the Watch App Store, but all you can find is the wrong message if you try to use it. When in operation, it allows you to pick up a ride, see how you want it, and show you where the car is. More advanced functions such as revenue sharing were reserved for the smartphone app.

Grammatical messages indicate that the app may have been downloaded immediately, though Uber or Apple did not respond. The App Store list (above) refers to the app as a way to get out of your home without your smartphone and still walk, as long as you have a Cellular Clock. To be fair, Uber relaunched its WearOS app in 2019, probably due to a lack of usage.

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