TWO-THREE Deaths of COVID Contained Six Links (VIDEO)

Dr. Scott Atlas connected Tucker Carlson Monday night to discuss the lies and differences between the medical authorities who are running the national policy of COVID.

And what a tragedy that has been!

Dr. Atlas dropped several bombs of truth on the scene. First, no children were hospitalized due to COVID during the initial study. The children were hospitalized “by” COVID and not “by” COVID.

Then Dr. Atlas dropped the bomb. About two-thirds of COVID deaths were people with SIC comorbidities!

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Dr. Scott Atlas: we have already seen about a year ago in the medical literature, Stanford Pediatrics published a paper showing that more than half of COVID pediatric hospital patients had zero COVID. This was in the medical textbooks. This is in the medical records for the whole year 2021. Except when I was at the White House in the late summer of 2020 we knew this because we interpret COVID differently except for the basics of good tests… We now know that two-thirds of Americans who die on COVID are people with comorbidities SIX or higher.

Once again, this is in line with what The Gateway Pundit said in 2020 and President Trump repeated – only 6% of COVID deaths were from COVID without comorbidities!

WHY IT HAPPENED: In August 2020 TGP Reported According To CDC Only 6% Of All COVID-19 deaths And Injuries To COVID-19 – Today Down To 5%!

Through Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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