Tucker Carlson Defends Domestic Terrorists

Tucker Carlson said the domestic terrorists who attacked the Capitol were innocent because they called the Pelosi office to explain the evidence they had left behind.


Carlson says:

Business Insider also reported this afternoon that on January 7, the next day, protesters called Nancy Pelosi’s office at the Capitol to search for items that she had likely left in the house. Police lowered their numbers and were later arrested.

Is it the behavior of people who believed they wanted to overthrow the US government?

Obviously, it is not. These are the Americans who came to the Capitol with their friends to protest loudly and politically. They thought it was still legal, but it is not allowed.

Tucker Carlson seems to have never heard of Hiding

One unwavering trait that passes most of the 1/6 home criminals is appropriate. Critics of the Capitol felt that they had the right to do so, and they thought that they were doomed to failure by violence and violence.

The terrorists wanted their property because it was the evidence they would find in court.

These were not Americans who spoke out against their government. Trump militants violently attacked the Capitol to stop the election ticket.

They broke the law.

Tucker Carlson is a source of domestic violence and television scandals.

Carlson launches a weekly democratic warfare from his Fox News platform.

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