Training for Entrepreneurs: Interview with Player Spencer Garrett

You may not know his name, but if you have watched a movie or a radio show in the last 30 years you have probably seen his face. Spencer Garrett it also plays Chick Hear the well-known Lakers announcer on the upcoming HBO series Winning Time: Climbing the Lakers Line. Garrett is a travel agent, and his advice to those who want to participate in the game is also the ones that traders can take to the bank.

Learn From the One Who Came Before You Were Born

Garrett has great respect not only for his family, but for the elders who have come before. And as a good entrepreneur understands the importance of learning who have already achieved what you want to do, rather than repairing a wheel.

A third-generation actor, Garrett grew up around the show business. His grandfather operated on and sat on a show boat, in the old days when these magnificent fine ships — with everything, from gambling, restaurants and live entertainment — dominated the rivers of West America. For the Spencer family, it was Goldenrod, and it was nailed to the Mississippi River in St. Louis. Spencer’s grandfather ran a floating theaters, and this love of sharing with the world has passed down through the generations of his noble family.

Her mother was an expert on radio video in the sixties and seventies, and in particular was the first female president of the Screen Actors Guild. “There was a part of me that wanted to see if I could do what my grandparents did,” Garrett says. “I had a lot in my blood and my bones growing. I think you could say I started it because I wanted to test the water when I was younger and see if it was something I was good at. And, you know … I’m trying to figure it out.”

Since childhood, Garrett has worked with many professionals, and he often talks about what he learned from each of them. He learns high-end movies, is still in the class itself, and has the learning mindset that all of us would like to have.

Create a Group

Garrett speaks enthusiastically about his monthly diet with CADS or Character Actors Dining Society. A group of other actors like Steven Weber, Laurence Fishburne, Titus Welliver, Jason Alexander, Eric McCormack, Alfred Molina, Kevin Pollak, Michael McKean, LaVar Burton and a few others who have been watching our movies for years.

These meetings are a reminder of human power, building networks. Not from a place to try to do that to find something, but to connect and reciprocate. There is a tremendous amount of wisdom that you can gain by surrounding yourself and the freedom fighters of your companies who have seen and done it all.

It is clear that the team that Garrett has been promoting for many years has not only been the key to his success, but also his ability to remain happy and hopeful – even in difficult times. Having the support of others who understand the issues.

He reminds us to look out for those around us, and to build a team of like-minded, successful people.

Exit Outside Your Comfort Zone

There are great benefits to learning from others, but Garrett also understands that in order to produce amazing results, you need to step outside of your comfort zone.

Later in the Angel, Garrett found a fun little piece in a radio show in LA, playing the same episodes he affectionately called “pricks in suits.”

In stark contrast with Garrett’s compassion and depth, his television career began to “play a host of savage lawyers, thugs and crooks and, you know — just a few, boys in suits and chains who were suspicious.

I became like a person who loved to go. I played the boys on the television at least, and lived a good life, but I was not bullied. I think I will be like sitting on this beautiful ‘Oh I know if I was invited to come in and read Law and Order and the DA is selfish and ugly, maybe I can get it.’ I played a lot with those guys. “

Things changed when he did research on a film called Public Enemies, which greatly changed the speed for him thanks to the advice provided by the director.

“Michael Mann, one of my favorite directors and one of my admirers, had a former boxer. Chicago, something I was not really used to. All I wanted to do was play the characters and be an actor, so I got these experiments and went to the director, Bonnie Timmerman, and asked her to read the FBI agent. He said, ‘Spencer, I have been following you for a long time. And I know you play well those guys in suits. I don’t want to see you do that anymore. I think you are better than that. That’s why I brought you to read about Tommy Carroll’s character. Come back tomorrow and bring me this young man. ‘ And I came back the next day. He gave me the opportunity to use it. He gave me a gift. I came in and nailed the auditions. “

Getting out of your comfort zone may not mean playing a criminal like Tommy Carroll, but be careful what you enjoy. If you want results that you have not already had, you can do things you have never done before.

“One of the things that makes things so special is that you have to blame yourself. You have to get out of your comfort zone. Always try to suck.”

Be Alone You

In preparation for the actual commentary and Lakers’ announcer Chuck Hearn, Garrett’s upcoming episode represents another change for actors. There is an interesting curiosity to do, to find out for himself how he can bring life to the person who is written in the literature and the history that existed outside:

“I’ve played a lot of real people, but you’re often not interested in doing research and experimenting with it all. At that point, I had a whole year for COVID to immerse… .to watch an old Chick Hearn movie and watch Lakers, listen to his voice, and do some homework.”

“To some extent, I’m trying to reform Chick Hearn. I’ve learned his character, and I’ve learned the tone of his voice, so there’s another part of me that feels compelled to honor this person by playing him like. he the best I can. And at the same time, as he had already written about how Chick Hearn would have spoken and acted, so I was able to put my ball back in a bit. I’m not doing the show, I’m doing the simulation! I want to make her as mine as I can. “

Garrett reminds all of us that whether we are planning to show a big radio show, or planning a show for those who can afford it, the unique skills that each of us has are invaluable.

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