Top Dem Says GOP Wins Congress If He Doesn’t Pass Democrat Voting Bill

On Monday, Democratic House Majority whip James Clyburn said that if Democrats do not remove the filibuster now to cast their ballot, GOP will win Congress and “Republicans will. [the filibuster] in the next Congress. “

“I do not see how we can have free elections in November when every vote will be counted,” Clyburn said if his party’s voting money was not disbursed.

Clyburn responded to a comment on Peacock TV Channel The Choice’s “Mehdi Hasan Show”.

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Clyburn: ” I don’t see how we can have unlimited elections in November when every vote will be counted ‘

Clyburn told Hasan, “I’ve been telling people for a long time that I strongly believe the film is on its final leg.”

Democrats have determined that this could be his party’s chance to quit the filibuster.

“Now, either we will get rid of the filibuster business now or we will lose the House and they will get rid of it, Republicans will get rid of it in the next Congress,” Clyburn said. “Because if we do not pass these bills, I do not see how we can have unlimited elections in November when every vote will be counted, while the Georgia and other elections – this is not about voting. This is a solution to the votes cast.”

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Clyburn: ‘This is a step back in the centuries that we thought was behind us’

“This is according to a law recently passed in Georgia,” he continued. “It is wrong to give people a chance, if people stand in line for four or five hours, if you give them a bottle of water, then it is a crime.”

“That’s what’s going on here,” insisted Clyburn. “This is a setback for hundreds of years that we think was behind us.”

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