“This is what they did in Nazi Germany, Everyone ‘just did their job’ until the Nazi Holocaust”

The media and the dictatorial government may believe that the Americans are taking over the control of COVID while they are asleep, but millions of patriots are fighting it.

In New York City, those who refused to comply with the order to receive the Covid vaccine were both fired from their jobs and barred from entering almost every interior.

For many, standing up for freedom is more important than their jobs and going through financial hardship.

The song “F * ck Joe Biden” has been heard from Harlem to Brooklyn Bridge in the blue city city for months as thousands of New Yorkers march in search of civil rights and demanding an end to the Covid tragedy.

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Starting organization New York Freedom Rally, he cried conventions two or three times a week since the coronavirus began to demand that the government ban Covid’s oppressive activities.

Fighting for your God-given right to rest and to maintain your integrity New York Freedom Rally he tells The Gateway Pundit in a private interview.

On Sunday night, NYFR decided to shop at the Nike Store and have dinner at Whole Foods “like ordinary people” without a mask in an attempt to rid the city of their insane madness.

But freedom has become a thing of the past in a Democrat-led city.

“We wanted to serve where the need is greater. Nike has been harassing us many times just for going shopping without a mask. So we decided that we would all go free with our faces, as free people, just to get help. We did not enter it angrily. We just went in like ordinary people shopping. He told us to put on a mask. I politely refused. The guards came. The store security came, “Olivo told us. We told them, ‘No, we are not. They begged us to be excused.

They tried to stop us from climbing the stairs. Kindly we just walked the path past them and moved on. We went upstairs, I bought socks. Finally, the store manager came when no one else was coming to visit, and he did. As a result, we all set out with our purchases and were able to become free people. Some of the staff members mocked us and made derogatory remarks about some of our people. Some of us did not have it and we responded.

After being mocked, tortured, and threatened not to cover her face and hand out a vaccination card, a woman with a NYFR exploded angrily, citing drops of American history during the enslavement, Jim Crow and the Holocaust.

“Why did you separate me? Aren’t we in the 1950s? You all swore that Trump did this, “he lamented.” We’re not in the 1950s. Do you want to separate me?

He hated a store full of customers for supporting Nike, and warned a group of “Chinese immigrants” who “sew your shoes with blood.”

“They are divisive in medical treatment,” he advised. “What are you going to do about it? My black people, what are you going to do about it? I don’t know about prejudice. You want to be a BLM hero. Stand up. Stand up! Be quiet and you will be the one who puts in the gas chambers – I promise you that. I promise you that.

“I’m not crazy, ma’am. I have a history of slavery culture and it seems to be what I call crazy. “

History repeats, Olivo warned:

“We let people know in the store that we are doing this to them. In the end, this is what they did in Nazi Germany. People followed until they got to the law – everyone ‘just did their job’ until the destruction happened,” he told TGP. “We explained in the store that what we were doing was for everyone, including the staff. The NYPD entered the store, but did not come to meet us and harass us. They were waiting outside.”

The group then went to Whole Foods where they were tortured and discriminated against for ignoring signs of “vaccination only”.

“We went to pay for the meal and sat down at the restaurant that was reserved for the general public. He told us to check our vaccination passport. We told them, ‘No, we don’t need that,’ ”Olivo said. “The New York-based racist slogan demanding that our customers get a vaccination card warns with big letters, ‘You must get vaccinated to stay here.’ But then it says very clearly on the same sign, ‘it is against the law to discriminate against you and if you feel that you are discriminated against called Health and Human Resources’ – especially telling us that there is no law to allow them to discriminate against you, right there on the same sign.

We passed by a security guard who wanted to close the entrance to the restaurant and we sat down to eat. And the vaccinated people ate with us and we ate with them. After we finished eating, we set off. When we left, the police came in and ordered us to leave. We told them we were leaving now. We tried to reassure them that we were doing the same thing.

As in Nazi Germany, people followed the crowd to the police station, where everyone worked. I understand how difficult it can be to make a decision and say, ‘I just have to give up my job and my skills to feed my family and use this to work hard. But the truth is, you have to do it because they are coming to get you – they paid the police. The police did not agree with us, except for one who said, ‘I just want you to pay me. I don’t feel like talking politics. The law is that this is a secret business and you have to follow it. ‘

In New York, 85 percent of government, or 16,552,607 people, has received at least one level with 72 percent of New Yorkers, or 14,066,003 people, they were completely vaccinated, according to USA Facts.

If you have not complied with the directives so far, not because freedom is a right to die, Olivio argues.

“There is no problem I can’t get the vaccine. That is my choice. I will not find it. I do not believe it, ”Olivo told TGP. “A lot of people insist on all the CDC statistics and records. For me, it’s the easiest of them all. Fauci has gone back and forth on his thoughts. The CDC announced today that 75 percent of all Covid deaths are people with co-morbidities. The people at the top are just looking at the most important things. ”

Olivo, whose stage is DVS 7.0, is using his music to create cultural change, arranging meetings and concerts in the United States mobilizing People to fight violence and end Covid.

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