The US and Russia have agreed to extend talks on Ukraine’s crisis

Russia has warned that it will not be able to hold off hostilities in Ukraine if the Western powers continue to ignore security concerns, but have agreed to extend talks with the West this week.

Things did not go well in Geneva after nearly eight hours of talks between US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, while the US side offered new ideas on weapons.

But there was no disruption even in the talks that Russia warned could lead to war if its red lines were not met. With the arrival of 100,000 Russian troops on its border with Ukraine, fears of war have grown.

The US and Nato opposed Moscow’s ambitious ambitions blocking NATO expansion. Sherman said Russia still has a choice between negotiations and a rise – the outcome is still positive.

“If Russia deviates from the embassy path, it can be clearly seen that it was not ready to negotiate,” he said.

Ryabkov said Moscow would “judge other options and what will happen to the project and make informed decisions based on the consequences of what will happen in the coming days” if it were necessary to continue negotiations.

Russia has begun a day of warnings about withdrawals from the talks in the West he continued to ignore her wishes with the growth of NATO. Russian officials hold talks with Nato in Brussels on Wednesday and with 57 members of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe on Thursday in Vienna. Sherman said he would “consult again with the Russian government and determine the best way forward” over the weekend.

He also described the talks as “big, straightforward and true discussions”.

However, Ryabkov did not promise a reduction in power and said forces within Russia “will continue, because this is what is needed for our military to be ready to work in a time when Russia’s security has changed.

Russia denies that it is so planning to attack Ukraine and says its placement of troops and equipment close to the border is a function.

“Bring the soldiers to the barracks or tell us what exercise is taking place and their purpose,” Sherman said. “If Russia remains on the table and takes action to reduce conflict, we are confident we can move forward.”

Sherman said he offered suggestions on new negotiations for the development of armored equipment and new throwing equipment as well as restricting the growth and development of fitness classes. There was no discussion of American military forces in Europe, which “was not on the modern agenda”, he added.

The proposal could include a replacement for the Medium-Range Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which the US withdrew in 2019 following violations of Russian law.

But Sherman said I was just exchanging ideas instead of discussing in detail what “would not be possible in a few days or weeks”.

Moscow last month issued a series of petitions to restore security in Europe, including a ban on NATO escalation and NATO military operations in former communist members. Since then it has posed a number of threats if its red lines have not been met.

Ryabkov said Russia could not “return” to its claim that “Ukraine and Georgia will no longer be members of Nato”.

“We are tired of the dirty talk. Promises half, misinterpretation. . . We do not believe in the other side, we will say, “he told reporters. “We need ironclad steel, waterproof, bulletproof vests. . . guarantees. Not security. Assurances. “

Ryabkov reiterated his threat that European security could be undermined if it did not cooperate. . . the security of the western part of Russia is in jeopardy. ”

The US has it threat of coercion violating the economic, economic and trade sanctions on Moscow if it invades Ukraine, saying this could exceed the sanctions imposed on Russia after the Crimean invasion in 2014. Sherman repeated the warning on Monday.

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