The Trump administration has made it a point for countries to declare him a winner

Sometimes it seems like there are two camps within the Democratic Party left along with Never Trumpers. The other camp heard what Merrick Garland wanted, knowing that the DOJ would not announce its findings, and had confidence to move forward. The other camp was outraged that Garland was so far behind in honoring the organizers of January 6 that he said nothing about government cases against government officials, life-threatening cases, and cases that must be resolved if we wish. to have every hope for a functioning democracy.

Fortunately, as the Select Committee’s work against Washington’s top officials gets more and more headlines, they have made significant progress on the state level.

Supervisors look at four countries (not surprisingly) and what was previously unexpected. Readers can name them over their heads, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, the four countries that would have led to Trump’s victory.

According to Politics, there is ample evidence. The supervisors acted recklessly and fearlessly of the consequences:

Major transcripts sent by state election officials to the January 6 committee, which POLITICO received through open petitions, emphasizes the depth of Trump’s coercive campaign aimed at lower-level presidential voting officers. Emails, notes and phone calls also complement the previously mentioned events, such as Trump’s call for Georgia’s top election observer and Mark Meadows’ liaison with Georgia’s election officials.

The panel asked the states to provide any evidence to support Trump’s alleged fraud in the election campaign which Trump had basically advocated, with extensive scrutiny of officials in Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Michigan.. Those countries found no evidence of fraud, according to Thompson.

The Nomination Committee has every document, which means that it is looking into the cases in a very similar way on January 6, something that was not available at the DOJ press conference.

Some of the notes taken are amazing. Trump officials have made false statements in Michigan and Arizona announcing his victory:

As the Trump administration pushes for voter fraud, National Archives received false credentials proving that he and Vice President Mike Pence all Michigan winners and Arizona and their nominees after the 2020 election. Historical requests show that state secretaries sent letters to the public on January 6, as well as letters between National Archives and government officials regarding the documents.

The above paragraph was not written correctly because it is confusing whether the countries sent false documents to the national museum or sent the documents to the committee. But the point is clear. The committee has documents, produced by someone, probably by the Trump administration because they were in the National Archives, that would have been sent as a way of notifying Trump the success of the government.

Would the American people know about these documents without the Politico documents and the subpoena of the Committee? We do not know the answer, but her answer is positive and frustrating. First, the manuscript has been released and will be used against the Trump administration. But the documents also represent the case for their presence (false, bribery), or, at the very least, the evidence against the case, and have been in the file for more than a year. He lived on file for a year in which civil servants feared for their lives, and when the state secretary of “MAGA” began to run on the platform of “correct choices.”

Without some form of criminal punishment for rigging or attempting to disrupt votes and loyalty to elections, nothing can stop the new MAGA secretaries of countries from following Trump’s demands.

Yes, it all takes time. But this country is in a real war – no guns, yet – only democracy. With each passing month, it represents the place he won on the right. Coming to the primaries soon, these countries have passed strict voting laws, and there has been false evidence at every level, just waiting to be found and used as evidence.

The committee can save democracy. Where are the law-abiding citizens?

Finally, when it comes to compliance, we have one last example of what some see as a clear failure of the law to date. Lindsey Graham has not yet been arrested for a phone call that was far worse than Trump tried. Politico’s story (finally) recounts the case in reference to the pressure on Georgia authorities:

Further in the correspondence of letters and emails between the offices of Sen. Lindsey Graham and Raffensperger, which show how the previously mentioned call between the two leaders came about two weeks after the 2020 election.

“I hope you are doing well. Senator Graham has requested phone w / Sec. Raffensperger instead, “a Graham employee told two of Raffensperger’s agents on Nov. 12, 2020. The call between the two men ended with Graham points out to Raffensperger some votes should be cast, the Georgian government official later said.

Politico leaves an indelible note on the phone between Graham and Raffensberger, as Graham crosses the line. Below is an excerpt from the Politico article of November 16, 2020:

… .Sen. Lindsey Graham has also said she has lost the ballot papers that were officially sent to the state, while Republicans are looking for ways to change the election in favor of President Donald Trump.

…[T]he from South Carolina Republican asked if he could look for a signature on the ballot box while Georgia read it again and used inconsistent frequencies to find reasons to lose votes in other states. Raffensperger said he took Graham’s comments as “meaning looking hard and seeing how many votes you can lose.”

The foregoing points, the founding of the Politico documents, the fact that some evidence was already public, false records, and the International Committee’s involvement, and what happened on January 6 all represent serious legal failures – in the opinion of some – that undermine democracy. at risk in 2022 and 2024.

A whole year has passed. We have never heard of the DOJ serving subpoenaes, setting up high courts, or paying even the lowly players that Garland described at his press conference, at the same meeting where he did not mention the lawsuits that took place until January. 6, or life or methods are threatened.

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