The Golden Age Cover and Orchestra Key Reveal

an old-fashioned family with a musical instrument and a music box

Check out the Music, the new Locke & Key Story, and the collection section for Locke & Key The Golden Age
Picture: IDW printing

Kuti Lock & Key going forward? Only the the upcoming third season of the Netflix show knows in the meantime. Koma when it all started has been compiled together into a new group and io9 has your original format.

Locke & Key: The Golden Age is a solid cover team coming up in April made up of four previously released, is one new article by Joe Hill and artist Gabriel Rodriguez. Some of them are “In Pale Battalions Go” plus Sandman Universe crossover “Hell & Gone.” And all those who are looking for the rich in the past a mythical world where the Locke family they use magic keys to do various amazing things.

The Golden Age it was real ten years I make, “Hill told io9 in his own words. I know Gabe feels the same way. I almost see it reach the hands of the readers. There are few books that will guide you on this journey but I must say I have enjoyed it. “

Here is the cover of the book, except io9.

Cover of The Golden Age

The Golden Age cover with pencil and ink written by Gabriel Rodriguez and colors by Jay Fotos.
Picture: IDW printing

“We had the unique opportunity to work with The Golden Age,“Rodriguez said. Without a traditional calendar and limitations of any kind of picture book, these stories are vulnerable and have the potential to tell a story. in our most ambitious sections, including the whole universe. Lock & Key and Sandman Universe, the highest quality book of all time (which also directly inspired us to make our own book). And yet, the most rewarding part was seeing the Chamberlin Locke family grow, deepen and become whole during the story that conquered a very special place in our hearts … open up new dreams in the minds of our readers. ”

In addition to “In Pale Battalions Go” and “Hell & Gone, the book contains previously published articles” Small World “and” Open the Moon, “as well as a new song” Face the Music, “which includes the unprecedented. orchestra key.What is The Heck Orchestra Key?

Six motion pictures reveal the key to the Orchestra, but only pencils.

A page based on Locke & Key’s new article “Look at the Music” by Gabriel Rodriguez.
Picture: IDW printing

Six animated films, now in ink.

A page from Locke & Key’s new article “Look at Music” with pencils and ink written by Gabriel Rodriguez.
Picture: IDW printing

Final 6 panels.

A page from Locke & Key’s new “Look at the Music” article by Gabriel Rodriguez now by Jay Fotos brands.
Picture: IDW printing

Locke & Key: The Golden Age expires on April 12 and retails for $ 30. Order here.

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