The Associated Press converts its recording into NFTs

NFTs exploded in popularity in the first two years of the epidemic, and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. One of the most recent organizations that have jumped on Islam is the Associated Press (AP), which says start selling “Photojournalism winning modern prizes and history” as unmistakable symbols on January 31st. The newspaper board partnered with blockchain technology assistant Xooa to create a market for its NFTs, which will launch with the first collections to be released in the coming weeks following its launch.

The first AP collection includes Pulitzer Prize winning images in a variety of categories, such as location, weather and battle. Each one will include the original metadata of the image that shows the time and date it was taken, its location, equipment and the changes that the artist used in the recording. The agency says the market will allow people to buy, sell and sell tokens, which can be purchased using credit cards and crypto wallets. The proceeds from the sale will be used to support the project. One of the biggest controversies around NFTs is that they have big ones touching the environment. The AP says its NFTs will be built on a Polygon blockchain that was designed to consume less power than their counterparts.

Whether the AP sells its images well for the money it is hoping to get remains to be seen. Adidas earned $ 23 million on its first NFT drop, but Ubisoft not selling anything when it started its own symptoms. Another company that they say wants to open their market is GameStop Games, which (according to The Wall Street Journal) recently created a cryptocurrency team to handle the task.

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