Tesla is said to be delaying the production of Cybertruck until 2023

Tesla ali again quietly pushed back the release of Cybertruck until next year, according to Reuters. The car manufacturer is expected to start producing electric cars by the end of the first quarter of 2023 instead of this year. Although Tesla has not yet announced the delay, a Cybertruck order page deleted what was already said in production in 2022. The site design section was already read “You will be able to complete your renovation as production approaches 2022.” Now, the sentence ends with the word “approaching.”

Back in November, someone on Twitter asked company CEO Elon Musk to switch to Cybertruck. Musk responded that Tesla has been battling “market threats,” and that it will offer a number of changes when it comes to calling the company again on January 26.

According to Reuters‘source, Tesla will have a small production of Cybertruck first before adding its own products. The company uncovered Cybertruck in 2019 at a major event, when Musk said production should start at the end of 2021. At the company’s January 2021 launch, Tesla said. waiting low returns in 2021 and for the volume to start in 2022. Later that year, the company delayed the release of the car until 2022.

Tesla’s delay and release is no longer a surprise, as Musk is known for announcing a promising schedule. Lung nutrition and reduced risk of exposure to the virus may also contribute to delays, if Reuters‘the report is true. We know when Tesla will unveil its updated model within a month.

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