Spotify is still working on HiFi streaming, but does not say when it will arrive

About a year ago, Spotify he announced is planning to release a high-end version of its promotional work with CD music in other markets in 2021. However, Spotify HiFi is not available and no sign when it will come.

“Artists and fans have told us that HiFi-type music is important to them. We agree, and we are excited to provide Spotify HiFi information to Premium users in the future,” a Spotify spokesman told Engadget. “We don’t have time to share today.” Spotify manager shared a similar change in Community forums.

Back in 2017, Spotify tested CD-quality audio to give other users in the US the opportunity to earn free music for as little as $ 7.50 a month. Since then, in some of the most popular music-promoting activities for embracing download, Apple Music has joined the likes of Mafunde and Deezer. French HD streaming service Qobuz he arrived in the US in 2019.

Spotify did not say how much money HiFi would cost if the service started to spread, but competitors could force their hand to offer unreleased music at no additional cost. Apple Music, Amazon Music and Mafunde they all rolled out CD-based audio recordings in their target set last year.

More information about Spotify HiFi beyond prices and availability is unknown. However, the company has confirmed that the service will work with speakers owned by Spotify Connect.

Update 1/10 4:10 PM ET: He added the Spotify voice.

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