Special US-US talks on EU gas companies in the wake of conflicts between Russia and Ukraine – Reuters sources

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LONDON / WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. government has held talks with a number of international power companies on an emergency offer to Europe if the conflict between Russia and Ukraine disrupts Russia, two U.S. officials and two industry sources told Reuters on Friday.

The United States worries that Russia is preparing to launch a new military operation in the country it conquered in 2014. Russia denies it plans to attack Ukraine.

The European Union relies on Russia for about a third of its natural gas, and US sanctions on any dispute could affect its supply.

Any Russian gas boom in Europe could exacerbate the power crisis due to oil shortages. The decline in electricity prices has led to an increase in electricity bills as well as rising prices for businesses and protests in some lands.

Officials from the Department of State approached the companies to inquire about where additional information would be needed if two sources were aware of the negotiations, told Reuters, speaking on condition of anonymity.

The companies told US government officials that global gas was scarce and that there was less gas to replace most of the Russian gas, sources said.

Negotiations between the state department and the energy industry led by senior security adviser Amos Hochstein, the head of the US State Department, also said they should not be identified. The State Department did not ask companies to increase output, the official added.

“We have discussed a number of emergencies and we have discussed everything we do with our government partners and allies,” the source said.

“We have done this with the European Commission, but we have also done it with the power companies. It is fair to say that we have spoken to them about our concerns and discussed with them a number of potential cases, but there was no

In addition to asking companies how much power they have to raise goods, U.S. officials also questioned whether companies have the capacity to export more and stop repairing farms if necessary, the source said.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Royal Dutch Shell (LON :), ConocoPhillips (NYSE 🙂 and Exxon (NYSE 🙂 declined to comment when asked if they were connected. Chevron Corp (NYSE :), Total, Equinor and Qatar Energy did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

A second company expert said his company was asked if it had the potential to stop repairing the gas station if necessary.

A spokesman for the U.S. National Security Council did not comment on US talks with power companies, but confirmed that emergency preparations were under way.

“Assessing the potential is exploring ways to reduce the risk and improve efficiency as well as common practices,” the spokesman said.

“Anything in this case that goes to the public is just a reflection of the depth and depth of the discussion and we are ready to set big and consistent standards with our peers.”

Moscow has threatened Western powers with increasing troops near Ukraine in the past two months, following the 2014 occupation of the Ukraine Crimea Peninsula and the support of separatists fighting Kyiv troops in eastern Ukraine.

Biden once told Russian President Vladimir Putin that Russia’s new migration to Ukraine would bring sanctions and a growing US presence in Europe.

Russia denies invading Ukraine and says it has the right to deploy troops on its territory.

“The United States has promised to return to Europe if there is a lack of power due to conflict or sanctions,” said a second industrial source.

“Amos is going to big LNG manufacturing companies and countries like Qatar to see if they can help the United States,” he added, referring to Hochstein.

If pipeline supplies from Russia to Europe are reduced, European consumers may need to look for cooler gas products to pay for.

Exports of natural gas to the US (LNG) are expected to rise this year to become the world’s top LNG company. Europe competes for LNG products from suppliers such as the United States and Qatar and high-end consumers China and Japan, who are also facing a strong crisis.

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