Soulja Boy says New Musicians Should Choose Rap or Street Life

Soulja Boy spoke with HHDX about his new Revolt program, but at the time of the interview, he had instructions for the musicians.

“I have rappers that I like, but they are closed,” he said. “Bring out the young talent, man. We have to keep our new talent on the streets. Every time I find a new rapper, he gets locked up. So release the young singers, men. I know it’s hard on the streets, but you can’t be on the streets and be a musician right away. You have to separate it. “

“To everyone out there who is listening, Dad, if you want to be a rapper and take it seriously, you can’t put one foot in and one out, man. You have to get in both feet. You know what. I mean: Most people want to be in it.” streets and rap at the same time, which is what people want because it is the history of our lives.

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