Republican Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson Says Trump was ‘in charge’ on January 6

Hutchinson commented on CNN’s “State of the Union” interview.

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Hutchinson Pa Capitol Riot

CNN Assistant Said Jake Tapper, “According to a Washington Post poll, 63% of Republicans who have admitted to a major electoral fraud are running for office across the United States.”

“Are you worried about people who accept a big lie and support the idea of ​​elections?” Tapper asked. “Are you concerned about those who are selected to be in a position where they can disrupt and disrupt legitimate outcomes?”

Hutchinson replied, “Well, what worries me is that they are not showing leadership. Every time you want to be in office, that’s when you start for the future, and you help educate voters about what happened on January 6, and you do this for the future.

“We will win,” Hutchinson said. “I’m feeling good with GOP in the short term. We’ll have a better 2022.”

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Gov. Hutchinson: ‘It was an attempt to prevent a peaceful transfer of power’

But the governor said it could be a challenge for his party.

“I’m happy with the election, but at the same time, if we want to be a strong party for a long time, then we must not reduce and reduce the results of January 6, and last week this happened. , so we have to, for one thing, make it clear that this is not the case, we need to explain it in a positive way, ”said Hutchinson.

He added: “It was an attempt to prevent a peaceful transfer of power. Third, we must ensure that President Trump was responsible for this.”

“Beyond that, let us go on. Let’s talk about our future, and I think this is how one can run for office, “Hutchinson concluded.

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