Report: Navy Boot Camp Training Extends Two Weeks To Include Prejudice, Sex, and Extremism

The U.S. military will extend its boot camp training to include an additional two weeks on suicide prevention, rape, torture, racism, and extremism.

These changes reflect the first major overhaul of many years, according to a Daily Mail.

The commission said the reorganization of the study “included an escalation of insults after several former active officers participated in the January 6 riots at the Capitol.”

An Report by Associated Press words of Rear Adm. Jennifer Couture, head of the Naval Service Training Command, says the training is designed to create the ‘expected behavior’ of the navy.

“We tell our recruits … here’s what we expect you to do, and that’s what we expect you to do and do,” Couture said.

He added, “We strongly believe that these practices directly affect our military readiness and the attitude of our sailors.”

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Navy Boot Camp Extremism

The Navy’s focus on racism, torture, and extremism is yet another indication that the US military is more focused on a “wake-up call” than it is to defend the country and win possible wars.

“The military has been trying to do that [root] has taken an extreme turn after some former and current members were found rioting on January 6 at Capitol Hill, “the Daily Mail reported.

General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, announced at a regional conference that he was deeply concerned about the “white supremacy” of Trump supporters in the Capitol.

His comments came before a major disaster in Afghanistan.

Woke-ism is not just getting into the Navy.

The Biden State Department, a few months ago, was pleased to present the first US passport with the “X” logo.

“As the Secretary announced in June, the department plans to add an X-mark to non-binary, non-gay, gay or bisexual applicants for a US or CRBA passport,” said Ned Price.

Earlier, the State Department issued a “Worldwide Day” with a tweet providing guidance on why people share their voices on television.

More posts explained that “sharing names (and) ways of identifying a person” and “avoiding accidentally thinking that you are not a man or a woman.”

The department also organized a program for “pioneers” who use the word “zir / zir” and simply use the word “zir / zirs.”

Towards the end of December, the United States Air Force announced that it was now authorizing the use of gender-specific metropolitan areas in signatures linked to the department.

“The use of pronouns (him / her, him, or them) in an email signature block is permissible but not required,” the document reads.

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Disposal Prevention

As the Navy redesigns its boot camp training to focus on magic, racism, and extremism, the Chinese military seems ready to take control.

The military games previously selected by the Air Force show that the US is losing its troops in the fight against China. Quickly.

Yahoo News last March published the article called, “‘We Lost Quickly’: The US Air Force played a war game that started with China’s natural invasion.”

“The simulation,” said Yahoo, “culminated in the explosion of Chinese missiles crashing into U.S. military and naval bases in the region, as well as hurricanes and violent attacks on the island of Taiwan.”

When this happens, our troops can raise their heads knowing that they have not angered anyone or will accompany the former President and his ideas.

Because that’s it which are important in the military.

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