Rep. Jamie Raskin Explains How Congress Can Stop The Trumpet From Becoming President

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) outlined how Congress could use the Constitution to bar Donald Trump from running for president again.

Video of Rep. Raskin:

Raskin told ABC, “Article 3 of the 14th Amendment states that anyone who swears allegiance to any of the laws of the land, who violates the oath by engaging in violence or rebelling against the Union, will not be permitted to hold public office again. during the Civil War, during the reconstruction.

If the 1/6 Committee finds that Trump participates in or initiates terrorists, Congress may bar him from running for president.

The idea that Congress can take action to get Trump out of the presidency because he was involved in a plot in the United States is the result of a 1/6 Committee inquiry.

If Congress tried to do this, it could put Republicans in a difficult position. Many of them, especially in the Senate, want Trump to go.

The Senate could do this with a lot of people, and one doubts that there are a few Senate Republicans who would be willing to sign to support this move.

The country should not have relied on the DOJs who are prosecuting Trump for these incidents. Congress could prevent Donald Trump from running and remove him from the public eye.

Evidence should be available to take action, but if the 1/6 Committee approves, Congress can take action to protect America from Trump.

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