Rand Paul Asks ‘Is Fauci Advising Justice Sotomayor?’ After His False Sayings of COVID

Friday, Sen. Rand Paul asked if White House chief medical officer Anthony Fauci was “advising” Supreme Court Sonia Sotomayor later. he lied at a Supreme Court dispute where the Supreme Court is testing the legitimacy of President Joe Biden’s vaccine.

Mr Sotomayor said on Friday, “We have more than 100,000 children, who we have not had, who are in dire straits, most of them on ventilators.”

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Justice Sotomayor’s false claims

Paul responded to Sotomayor’s comments on Twitter, “Sotomayor: ‘more than 100,000 children… Does YouTube ban him?’

According to Washington Post, Sotomayor’s “100,000” number is false.

“More than 4,000 children were hospitalized with Covid-19 nationwide on Wednesday, Washington Post figures show, which rose above the previous peaks established in the summer when delta species cause disease,” the Post said.

4,000 to be the highest – as well as a small fraction of 100,000 mentioned by Sotomayor.

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Data Indicates That Sotomayor Numbers Have Gone Away

WaPo continued, “The census, which includes patients with confirmed covid-19 patients, shows a significant increase in the number of cases in this group. Less than two weeks ago, at Christmas, less than 2,000 children were hospitalized with covid.”

“The number of days in the pediatric hospital was slightly lower than 3,713,” the Post reported. “The hospital for the elderly is in full swing.”

The American Academy of Pediatrics showed the same, revealing that “0.1% -1.6% of all children with COVID-19 were hospitalized” in the 24 states that provided this, which their report calls “more hospitals.”

Senator Paul, a doctor, has been fighting with Drs. Fauci all this time.

Paul had recently spoken out against such an accusation The American people must “Live your life without ignoring this person,” said Fauci.

At Christmas, Paul joked about Fauci’s money, saying that his family could not have a vaccine to celebrate a holy holiday, but he would to have a necessity that attendees “read and understand the Constitution.”

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