Rachel Zoe Shares What To Take In 2022

We chatted with Rachel Zoe because we think you might like her choices. Rachel is an Express friend. Yes! they have affiliate relationships, so we can get a job if you buy something through our links. Items are sold by the seller, not E !. Prices are correct from the time of printing.

Januware is a great time to make your own if you are changing the way you eat and moving your body or remodeling your clothes.

If you are looking to do this, finding the right clothes is half the battle. Creating your own style requires a lot of self-examination, but fun, who loves our style. Rachel Zoe is here to lend him his expertise!

“Appearance is a way of claiming who you are without speaking,” the producer explained to E !. “I think the best way to express yourself is through your style. Putting the right things that make you feel better is the best way to start. Express he has all the tools to do it! “

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