Putin pushes red lines in Kazakhstan and Ukraine

Monday was the day of the red lines for Vladimir Putin: Russia will not allow “racial change” in its territory, he said, and will pursue his demands for NATO to move from its borders and remove Ukraine – as Washington insists. “Don’t start.”

Story management: Putin stated that sending troops to Kazakhstan, a Moscow-led treaty stated that it “will not allow for domestic prosperity and will not tolerate the so-called ‘racial change,'” referring to the riots that toppled Moscow’s pro-government regimes in Georgia and Ukraine.

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  • Putin described at a meeting of leaders of the Collective Security Treaty Organization which took place in neighboring Kazakhstan as foreign-run terrorists, for which there is little evidence.

  • He said Russian troops would remain in Kazakhstan until the system was restored and President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev felt it was no longer needed.

  • Calling on Russia, Tokayev emphasized Moscow’s role as a guarantor of security for regional governments. He may also have violated his national sovereignty.

  • Even if Russia does not leave the country in the military, “it is difficult to imagine that Moscow would not try to find something in exchange for this,” said Alexander Cooley, a specialist in Central Asia at Columbia University.

Currently, in Geneva. Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said that if the Ukrainian-NATO talks failed, Russia would resort to “anonymous” tactics.

  • The comments follow the first of three meetings Russia will hold this week with US and European diplomats hoping to curb a possible insurgency in Ukraine – which Ryabkov has denied that Russia is preparing for.

  • But he also said the US “would be playing with fire” if it did not move quickly to meet the legitimate promises to reduce NATO’s movement in Eastern Europe and ban Ukraine.

  • The alliance should be downplayed in light of what Russia has done, he insisted: “It should be NATO going to Russia instead of Russia, so that Russia does not change its view of big things.”

Between rows: U.S. officials warn that Russians could use the talks as an excuse to attack Ukraine if their main interests are denied.

Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman he told reporters after an eight-hour meeting with Ryabkov that the US was ready to discuss bans on “exchanges” on arrows and war games, but “does not allow anyone to close the open NATO door.”

  • He also made it clear for the first time that the sanctions imposed on Biden by the Russian authorities over Ukraine could include external technical sanctions.

  • Ryabkov criticized the so-called “false” US sanctions, saying the US failed to “learn anything from history, from recent events.”

  • He also mocked Western ambassadors, saying they knew how to intimidate and punish but did not know how to form an alliance. “That’s fine,” he added. “We will try to educate them.”

Views: Next is Russia-NATO talks Wednesday.

  • Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov could have it set the tone in the talks when he said that NATO’s mission after the collapse of the Soviet Union was to take geopolitical “orphans”.

  • That is not how countries like Poland, the Baltic countries or, Ukraine would feel.

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