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Lawyers for both parties have filed their first application for witnesses as part of a civil lawsuit filed in the United States.

Lawyers for Prince Andrew and Virginia Giuffre have filed their first application for testimony against him case is accusing the British king of sexually abusing her at the age of 17.

Recent documents show that the prince’s legal team is seeking witness accounts from her husband, Robert Giuffre, and her psychologist, Judith Lightfoot, as part of a civil lawsuit filed in the United States.

Meanwhile, Giuffre’s lawyers are seeking witness accounts from the prince’s former aide and the woman he allegedly saw with him at a London nightclub during cross-examination.

The case came to a head when a judge earlier this week rejected Andrew’s motion for dismissal.

Giuffre sued Andrew, 61, in August, alleging he was forced to have sex with her in 2001 by financier Jeffrey Epstein and his ex-girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell. Giuffre said he was raped by Andrew at Maxwell’s home in London, Epstein’s headquarters in New York and Epstein’s residence in the US Virgin Islands.

The prince has power anakana According to Giuffre, he told the BBC in 2019 that having sex with Giuffre “did not happen” and that he “did not remember” the encounter.

Recent notes indicate that Andrew’s lawyers are arguing with Giuffre “he may be plagued by false memories”, and that he should be asked about “the concept of false memories” and other matters discussed in his sections by Giuffre and any instructions he has written to him.

Andrew’s lawyers want Robert Giuffre to inquire about how the couple met in late 2002 and the household expenses. He wants evidence from the pair, who are Australian citizens, by April 29 or shortly thereafter.

Giuffre’s lawyers, too, have also filed similar claims on Andrew’s side. He seeks evidence from his former aide Robert Olney, whose name appears to have appeared in Epstein’s phone book under the “Duke of York”, which he says indicates he is aware of Andrew’s trip to Epstein’s place.

His lawyers are also seeking evidence from Shukri Walker, who is said to have been quoted in the media as saying about how he saw Andrew at the London nightclub Tramp during an interview with a potential Giuffre girl.

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