Philippines to buy arms rifles from India $ 375m | War Stories

The Philippines would be the first country to purchase nuclear weapons made by India and Russia to protect its maritime territories.

The Philippines has concluded an agreement to buy anti-naval weapons from India for about $ 375m to strengthen its military base, said the security minister in Southeast Asia.

The Philippines is in the process of completing a five-year P300 billion ($ 5.85bn) rehabilitation program, including World War II and helicopters used by the United States in the Vietnam War.

The Manila Army was one of the most unarmed people in Asia when incumbent President Rodrigo Duterte, Benigno Aquino, launched a modern program in 2012 – but it is still there. nothing like China’s most powerful neighbor.

Under an agreement reached with the Indian government, BrahMos Aerospace Private Ltd will provide three batteries, sailors and operators, and provide assistance, Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said in a Facebook post at the end of Friday.

BrahMos – an alliance between India and Russia – has developed a submarine that the Indian security ministry says is the fastest in the world.

The Philippines would be the first country to buy it. India’s Ministry of Defense declined to comment.

A new anti-shipping system seeks to prevent foreign ships from entering 200-nautical-miles (370km) exclusive economic zone (EEZ). In recent years the Philippines has repeatedly accused China of violating its EEZ by sending hundreds of warships across its waters.

“It is part of our defense,” said Colonel Ramon Zagala, a spokesman for the Philippine military.

In 2018, the Philippines purchased Israeli-made Spike ER weapons, the first of its anti-piracy weapons at sea.

Despite close ties between China and the Philippines led by Duterte, Beijing has not moved on taking large portions of the South China Sea, a multibillion-dollar trade route.

Brunei, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam have also filed lawsuits against each other.

The 2016 anti-immigration ruling, however, stated that China’s claims have no legal basis.

On Wednesday, a new report by the US State Department said China’s actions in the South China Sea, including “historical statements” were almost all aspects of the most important trade route “grossly undermines the authority of the law ” in the sea by international law.

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