Pelosi Says GOP Performs ‘Legislative Continuation’ for Capitol Riot

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has accused Republicans of continuing to “legalize” the Capitol riots since January 6.

Pelosi made a comment during questioning and CBS ‘Face the Nation’ host Margaret Brennan on Sunday.

“What Republicans are doing all over the country and continuing to enforce the law on January 6, which is to undermine our democracy, to undermine our electoral system, to undermine our voting power, which is the basis of democracy,” he said.

“Therefore, we must do this,” a California Democrat said in line with For The People Act, a law that critics describe as a rigging of elections.

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All Capitol Violence All The Time

The Capitol riots were so destructive in America that the Democrat’s response was to force the law to hold elections, increase votes and letters, and weaken voting ID laws.

Sounds reasonable.

It is an evil attack, similar in their minds to 9/11 with Pearl Harbor, that the only thing he can think of to do is … take advantage of political opportunities.

It shows you how insignificant Democrats are.

President Biden, on the anniversary of the riots on January 6, made a scathing statement when he again called for a change in the US vote.

After criticizing former President Trump and his supporters for having “perverted” ideologies from the same day, he also called them “non-Americans” in an attempt to “suppress the vote.”

“Currently, in many countries, new laws are being drafted not to protect the vote, but to abstain. Not to suppress the vote, but to disrupt it,” Biden said.

The president dared to say this boasting that 150 million Americans voted in the 2020 election, even though the epidemic was growing at the time.

An election that 81 million Americans voted for.

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Out Of Rhetoric Control

Pelosi (D-CA) has been promoting theaters in commemoration of the riots at the Capitol, based on how people feel instead of confronting the reality that January 6 was a riot that was disrupted.

In remembrance of that day, he remained silent to the police guarding the Capitol, no one was killed on January 6, and one was killed. he was executed for several months and followers of the Nation of Islam.

In addition, Pelosi provided a crucial moment in getting Hamilton to sing via a Zoom call on the day’s events.

Pelosi later lit candles on the steps of the Capitol along with other Democrats to pay tribute to the “heroes” of the Capitol who “lost their lives and dedicated themselves” on January 6th.

Looking too much at the turn of the vote to benefit their party, one could say that it is Democrats who are driving “law enforcement” at the Capitol riots.

If not, then we will continue to worry about the election that led to the protests in the first place.

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