Nose Bumps Can Provide Temporary Protection Against Covid-19

    Electron micrographs of SARS-CoV-2 virus particles (in gold) inside the endosomes of the olfactory epithelial cell containing the virus.

Electron micrographs of SARS-CoV-2 virus particles (in gold) inside the endosomes of the olfactory epithelial cell containing the virus.
Picture: NIH / NAID / IMAGE.FR / BSIP / Universal Images Group (Getty Images)

Researchers in Finland say they have created nasal sprays that can provide a brief but effective protection against coronavirus and its variants, including Omicron. In a recent study of cell and mouse cells, nasal spray appears to prevent the virus from transmitting cells for up to eight hours. level. But a lot of research can do that it has to happen before we can expect the drug to reach people.

The experimental nasal spray is developed by scientists at the University of Helsinki, and relies on a slightly different method of fighting coronavirus than other methods.

“Its prophylactic use protects against SARS-CoV-2 infections,” sauthor tudy Kalle Saksela told Gizmodo in an email. “However, it is not a vaccine, nor should it be an alternative vaccine, but to be combined with a vaccine that provides extra protection for people with a successful vaccine with a serious health problem.risky situations, especially for people who are not immune — for example, those who are receiving antiretroviral therapy. ”

Vaccines work by educating the immune system to recognize the virus without causing infections, which allows us to make our own antibodies and immune cells in particular.I have to destroy the virus if it shows up later. We have also been able to make antibodies in the lab at coronavirus, called monoclonal antibodies, which can be given to people as soon as they show up. The support of the Helsinki team, however, is The proteins produced are much smaller than the antibody, but are able to detect and bind to the protein spike of the virus. To increase the protein’s strength, he broke three of them into one package.

In theory, molecules like these antibodies are able to rapidly inhibit the coronaviruses they come in from infecting cells properly, for a short period of time. The ability to provide treatment as a nasal spray also means that these antibodies can be sent to the respiratory tract, where most SARS-CoV-2 infections develop. Saksela, virologist ku University of Helsinki, he cares to realize that treatment was not planned changing vaccines or other drugs.

In them Research, published as a pre-print at the end of last month (meaning they have not been reviewed by peers), Saksela and her friends describe how they do it tested pseudovirus spraying to look like a different type of coronavirus, while attempting to infect cells in the battery and life cycle mouse.

Omicron has been a big problem mainly because its many mutations allow it to be detected by natural and lab-made antibodies. was developed against the first type of coronavirus. Koma the group’s molecule appears to target a segment of coronavirus proteins that modify slightly. Appropriately, this means that even Omicron could not escape obstacles.

Few in the lab, is what Saksela and his team found. Whether it was Omicron, Delta, or the original SARS-CoV-2, the virus was stopped from cell infection once even a small dose of spray was given. And in mice infected with the Beta type of the virus, treated mice are less likely to have the virus in their upper lungs and lungs than in the control group, the immune system appears to be up to eight. hours after the dose. The treatment was also found to be safe and free from any known complication.

Obviously, this is all an important research that has not yet gone through a peer review process. So when a the results are encouraging, time has to determine if their hair can do the same magic in humans. As their work continues to show promise, Saksela thinks spraying may be necessary even after the covid-19 epidemic.

“This technology is cheap and highly developed, and the inhibitor works just as well as all other types,” he said. “It also works against here-an endemic SARS virus, so it can also serve as an emergency measure in the fight against new coronaviruses (SARS-CoV-3 and -4).

Saksela does not know how long it will take pushing you to get medical tests, and from there, to get to the market. He writes Spraying can be seen as a medicine or medical device, depending on the country, which can also affect the timing of development. But in addition to continuing the work of treating covid-19, the team could also try to make the same hair spray for other respiratory infections.

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