North Korea claims to have tested missiles from the ship

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) – North Korea on Saturday said it had tried to launch missile missiles in what appeared to be retaliation for the new sanctions imposed by the Biden government.

A North Korean press report came a day after the South Korean military discovered that North Korea was launching two missiles into the sea with the launch of its third weapon this month.

The suspension came just hours after Pyongyang’s foreign ministry issued a statement criticizing the United States for imposing new sanctions on previous North tests and warning of strong and clear action if Washington maintains “differences”.

North Korea in recent months has been trying to test new nuclear weapons in the region amid the closure of the epidemic and the freezing of nuclear talks with the United States.

Some analysts say North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is back to a more experimental and credible approach to coercing the United States and its allies by launching missiles and dangerous threats before negotiating a compromise.

North Korean officials at the Korea Central News Agency said Friday that their goal was to monitor the progress of their armed forces. The soldiers relocated to a clearing after receiving a permit to test cannons recently and fired two “artillery” missiles that fired well into the sea, the report said.

North Rodong Sinmun newspaper published photos of what appeared to be two separate arrows rising above the smoky railway cars.

Cheong Seong-Chang, a researcher at the Sejong Institute in secrecy in South Korea, said the North may have held an unprepared ceremony in the past to protest against US sanctions.

The arrows fired at the railway cars seem to be a strong weapon for the short-lived oil that the North apparently took over from the Russian Iskander mobile ballistic system. In the first test in 2019, the city was designed to fly safely through low-lying areas, which could increase their chances of evading and overcoming missiles.

The North launched the equipment from a steam locomotive in September last year as part of its efforts to change its starting line, which now includes a variety of vehicles and will eventually be able to include naval vessels depending on the country ‘s pursuit of such skills.

Shooting from a ship can increase navigation, but some experts say North Korea’s simple railways passing through its vast territory could be quickly destroyed by enemies in times of crisis.

The Biden government on Wednesday handed down sanctions to five North Korean people for their role in acquiring weapons and expertise in North American crazy programs in response to previous North Korean tests this month.

The Treasury Department’s announcement came just hours after North Korea said Kim was overseeing the proper testing of hypersonic missiles on Tuesday which it said would significantly increase its “nuclear war”. Tuesday’s test was North Korea’s second demonstration of its so-called hypersonic missiles in a week.

A few hours before Friday’s commencement, the KCNA carried out a statement made by an anonymous spokesman for the North Foreign Ministry, who insisted that the new sanctions underscore the US ‘s evil intent to “isolate and ban” the north.

The prophet warned of strong action if Washington continues to “quarrel”.

Hypersonic weapons, which fly at a faster speed than Mach 5, or five times the speed of noise, can be extremely difficult for the safety of the tanks because of their speed and precision.

Such weapons were on the hunt for high-tech weapons that Kim unveiled earlier last year along with a large number of weapons, spy satellites, long-range missiles and nuclear weapons fired by submarines.

However, experts say that North Korea may need years and even more successful tests before it can develop a reliable hypersonic system.

A US-led deal aimed at persuading North Korea to abandon its nuclear weapons program fell in 2019 after Trump rejected what North Korea had demanded of lifting heavy sanctions in exchange for a slight drop in nuclear power.

Kim has promised to develop nuclear weapons which he sees as his strongest guarantee of survival, even though the country’s economy is severely strained amid the closure of the epidemic and US-led sanctions.

His government has rejected a call for Biden officials to resume talks without conditions, saying the United States should abandon the “hate policy,” a term Pyongyang used to describe sanctions and to combine US-South Korean weapons.

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