New US-Made FOIA Right to Information Reveals Fauci-Funded EcoHealth Alliance Attempts to Hide Its Responsibility in Viral Development

New excavated documents It has been revealed that the EcoHealth Alliance, a Fauci-funded company that led the Gain of Function investigation into China and helped cover up the source of the COVID-19 virus, has been revealed for insisting that Covid-19 information be kept secret. people.

This was important because it would help to reveal more about where Covid came from by revealing how his genetic makeup is made and how it was made in the early stages of the epidemic.

According to maimelo obtained through the request of FOIA by the non-profit government agency responsible for the position ‘U.S. Freedom of Information, “EcoHealth Alliance President Peter Daszak has pushed to hide what has been collected from China as part of the US Agency for International Development’s (USAID) PREDICT program – a” virus search “project that is supposed to track down unknown viruses.

In short, Daszak is EcoHealth, which has received hundreds of millions Money launderers in the U.S. taxpayer to eradicate coronavirus genus after Chinese Communism, have been caught red-handed with Fauci’s findings.

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We have already passed the response time.

Extensive Evidence of the Coal Effect of COVID-19 Coverage by US Government Officials, US Scientists and Chinese counterparts.

Daszak ku found emails, released at the end of April 2020, highlights discussions between EcoHealth Alliance staff and Metabiota – a Google-sponsored US biotechnology company affiliated with USAID’s PREDICT – on whether COVID-based systems should be included in the public domain.

No wonder – it wasn’t much conversation.

Hongying Li, a member of the EcoHealth Alliance, pushed for the first time to block important information. His justification for the apparent lack of transparency? It could upset EcoHealth communist rulers in China.

From Li email:

Because of COVID-19, any necessary publications must be reviewed and approved by the agency in China. ”

What a joke. Keep in mind that this is the first way to protect yourself in America against unknown viruses. Who else is working for?

Daszak teamed up with Li, calling it “critical” to ensure that data from USAID PREDICT is shared with the public. He also acknowledged that the cover-up was to avoid political turmoil because the NIH’s EcoHealth Funding for Employment Research had been scrapped.

He also cited another article in Politico – “Trump cuts US research on spreading bat-people on Chinese relations” – to express his views.

From Daszak’s email:

It is very important that we do not have any of these consequences if our PREDICT section is released from Genbank at this time. As you may have heard, these were part of a solution that was recently resolved by the NIH.

Participating in as part of PREDICT will be [sic] undue interest in UC Davis, PREDICT and USAID. “

Once again, Daszak has just asserted that the public health choices in the Covid years are simply political in nature.

According to U.S. Freedom of Information, there were no stickers included with any of the email conversations he revealed, so the exact sequence data that was suppressed by Daszak and EcoHealth is still unknown.

EcoHealth, for its part, has refused to keep any of Covid’s in the PREDICT program, but as we mentioned above, they are not a very reliable team – especially in the case of Wu-flu that they helped create.

From U.S. Freedom of Information:

“The emails were released as part of the California Public Records Act request to UC Davis. They are not sticky and therefore the exact virus data is not included in the US Right to Know. It is not known if the content in the emails is still banned or distributed on GenBank.

The EcoHealth Alliance denied that any data was stored at GenBank. In response to a question, Daszak e-mailed Nature Communications for the August 2020 article written by EcoHealth scientists and the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and wrote: and have been publicly displayed in peer-reviewed scientific journals as well as through the publicly available Genbank database. Genbank Accession # OK663614 & OK663615) ‘”

As has been proven in the last 20+ months, the ‘experts’ have lost all their credibility. Their response to the so-called plague has never been about saving lives and has been hampered by post-covert hiding from the beginning.

The only question is – where is the dangerous answer?

Just add this latest to the Nuremberg 2.0 series.

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