Netflix Raises Prices on All US Plans by $ 1- $ 2

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Netflix is raising prices again: Depending on your subscription, you can expect to start paying from $ 1 to $ 2 per month.

The standard system, which allows two streams at a time, now costs $ 15.50 per month, up from $ 14. The most important system, which supports four streams with 4K, is now $ 20 per month, starting at $ 18. The starting system, which allows for one stream and does not offer 4K items, is now $ 10 a month. This is the second price hike since then October 2020, while Netflix raised the price of all plans by $ 1- $ 2 per month.

When all is said and done, then a $ 12- $ 24 difference in annual house use. Canadian subscribers will see a rise in subscription rates. New monthly rates apply to all new subscribers, with Netflix he said more “start working” for existing members. You will receive an email from Netflix 30 days before the company charges you more, giving you time to cancel or change your order.

Are Netflix basics as cheap as $ 10 where there are more options that cost less? In comparison, Peacock + and Paramount + price $ 5 and promotions, aAnd everything has a library of old shows, including new ones that grow on every TV platform. Comcast, Disney, and even YouTube say they are also using tons to expand their environment. It is no longer a matter of where you subscribe to TV, but what services you have to pay for. But if you really like the list with old Netflix movies and its greatness item library, you have to pay – and don’t be surprised if the price hikes keep coming.

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