Netflix is ​​on the verge of rising prices for North American customers

It’s time again: Netflix is ​​raising prices for customers in the US and Canada. Monthly rates are adjusted to increase your income by one or two, depending on your subscription.

Reuters first reports that in the US, fixed plans can range from $ 13.99 per month to $ 15.49; Netflix support page has been confirmed changes, as well as premium tier beats from about $ 18 to $ 19.99 per month.

The change is in the north, where the fixed plans rose from 15.99 Canada to 16.49. (Standard plans only use two screens at a time, while the premium allows for up to four, as well as Ultra HD graphics.)

If all of this sounds familiar, it’s because that’s what Netflix does every few years. An extra dollar or two was nailed to near the end of 2020. The the same was true in January 2019, October 2017, October 2015, May 2014, you hear the thought. You begin to forget that this job was cheap $ 8 per month Ten years ago, even the company’s demands grew according to price, good or bad.

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