Mud rifle kills 9 children in eastern Afghanistan | Stories

The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a food truck, detonating his explosives in Nangarhar province, officials said.

Explosion east Afghanistan near the border with Pakistan killed at least nine children and injured four others, according to government officials.

The blast came on Monday when a food truck hit an old, unoccupied bullet in Baiganan village in Lalopar state, according to the Nangarhar provincial governor’s office.

The injured children were taken to a district hospital in the state capital Jalalabad for treatment, he said.

Nothing else was found immediately.

Afghanistan is one of the countries with the highest levels of land mines and weapons of mass destruction. When the law explodes, victims are often children.

The Islamic State government in Khorasan province, ISKP (ISIS-K) has blamed Afghanistan for a number of terrorist attacks since the Taliban invaded the country in mid-August 2020, including in Nangarhar, one of his favorite targets.

The ISIL (ISIS) militia has been operating in Afghanistan since 2014, carrying out a number of threats. attack and often clashes with the minority Shia Muslims in the country.

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