Michigan AG Converts Terrorist Evidence To Feed 14 Republicans Who Signed False Election Documents.

Michigan attorney general Dana Nessel told Rachel Maddow that her office had testified against the DOJ against 14 Republicans who had signed false statements.

Nessel Movie on The Rachel Maddow Show:

Nessel states:

I can tell you that they have been monitoring payments almost a year now based work. As soon as we found out that. I will say under state law I think positively that hypocritically 14-year public record violation of the law by false election which is a five-year charge. But what we have chosen to do and light research of the principle that, we you have seen it, as you have said several times now, different various false slate’s seven different candidates states, what looks like a
collaborative work between Republican parties in various forms different countries.

We think this it’s a very good story checked is possible resistance to feeds and the like as today we have explained this in the Western District, US Attorney General’s Office, ya them to illuminate and we hope That great justice – Dpart of Justice will do so interaction and application much of what they already have better to understand exactly what it happened that day federal payments may be monitoring.

Nessel said Republicans could face state and local lawsuits because a double threat would not happen. He hopes the Department of Justice and Merrick Garland will investigate the entire international conspiracy that appears to seek to give Trump leadership.

Fourteen Republicans in Michigan who tried to prove themselves elected could be prosecuted.

The polls seem to be taking too long because Trump’s ouster has also affected many of the plots to destroy the results of the 2020 elections, but it seems likely that 14 Republicans in Michigan could face the consequences of their crimes.

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