McConnell’s Office Condemns Demo Productions “Fake Hysteria” Voting

Office of the Sub-Speaker of the Senate Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) he said in a memo that Democrats are pushing for the “Big Left Lies,” accusing them of creating a “false mess” on the right to vote.

The memo calls Democrats “they will try to use false jokes to undermine the Senate and block millions of Americans’ voices in order to make decisions and pursue their own interests,” meaning they want to change the filibuster to establish rules about voting.

“President McConnell and the Senate Republicans stand repeatedly on the left with their Big Lie that there is an anti-voting campaign rampant in America,” the memo added.

Last week Senate Leader Majority Chuck Schumer (DN.Y.) showed suspicion of Mr McConnell is open to discussing electoral reforms as Democrats work to improve the voting law in the Senate.

“I think this is a lie. I think it is a way of trying to get the two MPs we have out of the court to go and do something that will not change the dramatic, dangerous change in the level of power that would allow elections to disrupt things. without- – small “D” – in a democracy, “said Schumer.

McConnell said “we need to discuss ”changes to the Electoral Count Act, which many Republicans have contributed. Democrats say simply changing the law of 1887 is not enough and its goal should be to change the majority of elections.

Schumer wants to force the law to change by January 17 if Republicans ban it For the People Act and the Right to Vote.

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