Mavericks All-Star goalkeeper Luke Doncic finds his place with another three times

Just five days after ending Chicago’s NBA high-level 9-game winning streak, the Dallas Mavericks canceled the Memphis Grizzlies 11-game bout with a 112-85 win over the FedEx Forum.

Luke Doncic scored his 40th goal three times, finishing the game with 27 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists.

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Doncic has just become the 11th player in NBA history to complete 40 missions three times. In fact, there have been 80 times in Mavericks’ history – Doncic is responsible for half of this.

The Slovenian player has excelled in his 226 appearances, the second-lowest match to reach 40 three times in NBA history (Oscar Robertson, 92 games).

Doncic did not agree to start this season and all its numbers have dropped since last season. Many began to question whether it was his culture – or lack thereof – that was the cause of the problem.

But Doncic missed the short spell due to a hamstring injury, and also spent some time on league health and defense. He also injured his leg in the Pacers’ defeat and was due to return on December 23, but was followed up with five more games after entering the protocol on 22 Dec.

Doncic has missed 15 games in Dallas this season and Mavericks are 6-9 in those games, proving his importance on the team.

Starting protocols on Jan. 1, however, Doncic has been playing at a very high level. In his last five games, he has tripled to 23.4 points, 10.0 rebounds and 10.2 assists.

The Mavericks are 4-1 in the game and have won eight of their last 10, beating really well. As a result, he moved fifth in the Western Conference at 23-19, though, still five games behind the fourth Utah Jazz.

The Mavs hosted Orlando Magic at the American Airlines Arena on Saturday.

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