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Steven Gerrard highlighted the timing of the VAR check that denied Danny Ings’ hit in the FA Cup tie at Aston Villa at Manchester United, but denied the charge for the defeat.

It took more than three and a half minutes for VAR Darren England and referee Michael Oliver to decide that Jacob Ramsey’s block against Edinson Cavani in preparation for Ings’ finish was disruptive and disruptive to the game, which raised questions in the game. “visual-and-obvious” that is required for the video director to change the resolution.

With the goal rejected, Villa narrowly missed through Scott McTominay’s header, leaving them out of the FA Cup in Gerrard’s first game in the competition as manager.

When asked about the election, he said BBC Sport: “How long have you been here? The authorities took three and a half minutes to resolve the issue.

Aston Villa manager Steven Gerrard’s side will lose Man Utd in the FA Cup

“Once a VAR exists and they are making a decision you have to accept it. There is nothing you can do to change it. The easiest way is to blame the opportunity with the authorities, we cannot do that.

“It’s very difficult. We’ve been out of the FA Cup and coming back to the job I saw the competition as an opportunity for success.

“These guys have contributed a lot to the success but we have to learn and close the difference from the game which was very good. We controlled the big parts but we were not cruel enough.

“I’ve seen enough tonight in the game to know that I can get where I want to go but we need to learn and learn quickly.

“We can’t have people with free heads in our six-yard box. It’s definitely something we need to fix and do in a short amount of time.”

Referee Michael Oliver denied Danny Ings' intent after negotiating with VAR
Referee Oliver denied Ings intent after negotiating with the VAR

Timeline: Why did the goal of Ings take more than three minutes to collapse?

  • 49:57 – Danny Ings throws the ball past David De Gea and looks to be similar to Aston Villa
  • 50:55 – It has been reported that VAR monitoring is underway to determine if there is an offside
  • 51:34 – TV footage shows England looking as if the ball had hit Ollie Watkins in front of Ings – which would have taken him as a singer.
  • 52:45 – Oliver indicates that he was instructed to see a VAR light to determine if the Ramsey block on Cavani is offside
  • 53:34 – After explaining his decision to Villa Tyrone Mings captain, Oliver rejected the offer

Rangnick was delighted with what he did after the Wolves’ loss

Scott McTominay celebrates Man Utd vs Aston Villa scoring
Scott McTominay scored his second goal in three games, more than ever before.

Ralf Rangnick saw his United team do well in the Wolves’ defeat in their last game, and was thrilled to see his victory after missing a number of times away from Villa earlier in the game.

“I think we did something after the Wolves’ game, that’s what everyone expects of us,” he said BBC Sport.

“We knew it would be very difficult against Villa. In the first half, I thought we did well. It would have been 3-2 or 4-3 for us at half-time.

“In the second half, we were on a counter-attack and we could have done a lot at the event. We made the wrong decisions sometimes but when we turned into diamonds among the players we had a lot of power.

“In the last 20 minutes, we had a lot of control. We fought well as one team when needed. In the end, it was a good victory. That was our goal, to get to the next level.”

The German reiterated his ambition to keep the leaves clean as United registered a third shutout since their arrival, and thanked David De Gea who left Villa’s chances at half-time.

He added: “We have to make the team a clean team and it was another one today, but still David de Gea was good for me today.

“If I wanted them to have fewer saves, I think we shot four or five times on goal, but we could also do well in the area.”

Rangnick is unaware of Rashford’s plight

Rangnick is unsure why Marcus Rashford is struggling to take action after a clash with Villa.

The England international was charged with felony criminal mischief for the game and some met with excitement.

When asked why the alumnus did not perform well, the then superintendent Rangnick replied: “I do not know for sure. I think he is trying very hard. .

“I think in the first half we found him a lot, but we also tried to put him in the box. In the second half it wasn’t so often that’s why at the end of the game I decided to change two. Anthony Elanga and Jesse Lingard.

“It was very important for us to move on to the next race [confidence is important] especially for strikers – it is important for them to score goals and turn them off, in order to have a good time.

“Of course, it would be good, for example, for Marcus if he can score a goal but as long as he tries, as long as he is doing well I don’t see a big problem.”

United flatter cheating again

Oliver Yew of Sky Sports:

“It was a job for Manchester United, but it was!

“Steven Gerrard is left scratching his head on the bus from Old Trafford, wondering if his team has ever achieved anything in an exciting FA Cup game.

“Villa were a great side as they made their way to Manchester United over and over again, as did the Wolves in their win over Old Trafford in the Premier League last week when Ralf Rangnick’s shortcomings over the past few weeks came to light.

“McTominay and Fred were able to combine what became United’s top goal in the opening stages, but from time to time United flooded into the middle of the park as Villa piled up to force their opponents.

“The frustration of the home fans was evident when the tour went awry and Villa continued to dominate the game, and one day Gerrard’s men would have received their prize.

“However, it must have been United’s day when they did not have the necessary victory to reduce the pressure on Rangnick.”

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