Klay Thompson is back in the league after missing two years

Five All-Star Klay Thompson he returned to the NBA where he had high hopes Cleveland Cavaliers Sunday night. Klay returned after missing two seasons of back injury due to a knee injury and a broken Achilles tendon. During those two years, the Warriors lost Kevin Durant and they could not make the playoffs either.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr at Klay Thompson’s first public appearance: “He was not shy, not the way we expected.” https://t.co/S5CdZz5zSq

In a game interview, Steve Kerr was asked about his thoughts on Klay Thompson’s return. In his comeback, Klay played 20 minutes, scoring 17 points, grabbing three boards and outscoring. Steve Kerr was asked about Klay Thompson’s performance and replied:

“He [Klay] he wasn’t shy, was he? Not that we can expect Klay to be shy. I was amazed at his stability out there, his confidence, after sitting out so long. “

Shooter Klay Thompson wasted no time in making his first bucket. At the beginning of the first quarter, Andrew Wiggins he handed the ball to Klay on top of the key, who ran to the basket to shoot the float. Steve Kerr expressed Klay’s thoughts, saying:

“I filmed the first play, not his, but to catch it and move it forward. I should have known better. He just caught it and drove and scored. It was a wonderful time.”

Warriors fans were thrilled with Kley’s return. The Warriors’ franchise showcased the reception, including the original video. Seeing Klay Thompson, the winner of the tournament, down after two full seasons should be a special highlight for Warriors fans. Steve Kerr was also moved by the reception and said:

“You know, the beginning, the beginning – it’s wonderful to hear the crowd. [A] Good night.”

Towards the end of the second half, Klay again removed fans wearing a banner Darius Garland. He crossed over Jarrett Allen and then he brought down the middle and the dominion. In every game, Klay scored seven goals, shooting 38.9% off the field. His 17 points also included three shots behind the arc in eight attempts. Another feature of the game was Klay’s fearlessness, as he took the opposition officials several times down the court.


The return of Klay Thompson also seemed to be on the rise Steph Curry‘s mole, when he played two cool games. Steph Curry played 37 minutes, scoring 28 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists. Curry was very hot in the first quarter, shooting four out of five from over the arc. The Warriors won the game by a clear 14 goals, giving them their 30th win of the season.

The Golden State Warriors are currently the first in a series of Western Conference meetings. With the return of Klay Thompson, a proven winner, it is safe to say that he was greatly encouraged. The Warriors will play the Memphis Grizzlies on their next track, marking the start of a four-game tour. Klay’s return will be very helpful as the Warriors battle the Milwaukee Bucks and Chicago Bulls after the Grizzlies.

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